When to delete answers?

Today I helped tried to help a user on an ARM architecture here and as the user was a N00b like me, I tried to be extensive but as ARM uses u-boot instead of grub, I feel silly leaving my answers there as it might detract other users from having to read all of them.

So asking the old farts more experienced users:

  1. Delete my answers (and leave responses by the Original Poster in)
  2. Delete my answers and DM the user to delete theirs too
  3. Leave as is
  4. Something else entirely?

Thank you for helping a social misfit to fit into the community!

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Everyone handles this differently. I usually leave it there but strike through the whole post like this:

Here is my answer that is the wrong answer
blah blah blah

That way, people can still see what was said easily but should understand that they shouldn't blindly follow it.

It is all situational though.


Thanks! Good idea! Did that! (a bit differently than you as the answers were just too long and anyone interested can still see the edit history if they really want to!)

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Personally, I completely erase both my wrong and repetitive answers just so others don’t have to scroll through them and can get to the end faster. Also, so I don’t look like an idiot. :grinning:


Thanks for the opinion, but I've already implemented Dalto's solution.
Here it was natural to assume grub instead of u-boot (which I never even heard of).

But I'll use your system next time when I look like a complete idiot instead of the N00b I am.

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Thanks. I never understood why people do that.

What I have a problem with is the users who write up a lengthy plea for help. They then figure out how to resolve their issue and delete there entire post without sharing the solution. This is becoming all to commonplace these days. It is a violation of the forum rules and one of my biggest pet peaves these days.


I was under the impression we had 24h to respond:

Hey there!

Did you figure out a solution? If yes, please don't delete your question but share the solution and mark your own answer solved like this:


so that your question gets removed from the "unsolved" queue and if anyone else has the same question as you and they look for a solution, they'll find it as well!

We thank you for your cooperation!

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Is my assumption incorrect?

I tried to respond to a deleted topic recently and it was impossible in that case.

I even went so far as to try and flag it, and that could not be done either.

Why not post a meta question on how to handle this kind of thing?

I mean: we're all part of a community and I know you're a giver but don't want you to bail out just because of a few :poop: :apple: :apple: :apple: .

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The topic has been discussed in the lounge before (when the lounge was open). It didn't seem a priority when the topic came up, so I doubt it will go anywhere.

There use to be a lounge? This fabled Unicorn

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Another self deleted thread from the OP that refused to post their solution. The selfishness of these new users is very disheartening. I really think these users need to get warnings for not sharing their solutions with the community.

I spend endless time trying to help users with networking issues only to see user after user with information that might help resolve network problems delete their own threads when they find a solution.

Why bother having forum rules stating this behaviour is against forum policy if the rule is never enforced.

These selfish users are really beginning to rub me the wrong way.


Another meta question coming up...


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