When someone helps you out, would you please tick the solved box

Yeah. Like this. You’re welcome.

If you like.
I was trying to come up with an edit to the effect: send this link if you see someone needs a reminder.:slightly_smiling_face: That others could use, I see a lot of solutions many are yours cscs. I have PM a few to remind them on the behalf of others.

Personally I like to help, don’t help much — don’t know much. But I care not a bit for the badges and wasn’t fishing for a cheap solution tick… :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Happy trails…


The self-solve again eh, cscs. I knew that was how you got so many solves :smile: Just kidding.

If you really did solve your own problem the less tacky way of marking it solved is to edit your posts title and add [Solved] in front. Members that work hard to help people on the forum don’t have a lot of respect for people who credit themselves when many others helped solve the issue.

It’s just a matter of etiquette. Not a rule by any means, just a polite courtesy is all.

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Realized the text could come off as curt. Sorry. There is just no availability for marking OP as the solve, so wanted to illustrate what you were getting at. :wink:

I completely agree the importance of courtesy, the sad dearth of it too often online & in the 3D [or 4D] world [or more, depending on your opinion of String Theory &/or Supersymmetry], & in the context of this forum & the OP, the desirability for crediting an eventual solution to the Manjaroo who gave it to you.

That said, i also opine there are times/threads that garner a lot of correspondence by many Manjaroos, & sometimes “the” solution is posted simultaneously [or nearly-so] by multiple helpers. In such cases the OP is faced with an invidious decision, as to “tick” one implies a lack of regard for the others, yet only one tick is possible. In such cases IMO the tick is better off not being used, & instead the OP should thank the relevant helpers in text.

A similar but different scenario is also when many well-intentioned zealous helpers assist, yet none of their posts individually solves the OP’s problem, but… in digesting all this valuable help, the OP then has a lightbulb moment which then does directly lead to Solution. IMO in such scenarios the OP when posting the solution summary is able to tick their post, not to falsely game the kudos system but merely for future forum readers’ benefit. However in such cases IMO it would be utterly gauche for the OP to not then immediately thank all the relevant helpers.


@kdemeoz I totally agree with what you’ve stated about sometimes its very hard to pick one post that solves a problem. Many different members, over many different posts may have eventually led to the solution.

In this kind of situation I think the appropriate method is for the OP to edit their initial post. The OP can then summarize the way the issue was resolved, giving credit to the members who aided the most with finding a solution. The OP then edits the thread title to add [Solved] at the beginning of the title. That pretty much covers all the bases and shows me that the OP is a 100% classy individual. Of course that’s just my opinion, everyone does things differently.

Their initial post :wink: (not being too judgy - but to me thats more classy)

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Thanks to @tbg, I found out we can tick the solve button and get more ‘solved’ badges.

Here. I just did this. Ha Ha! Got another ‘solved’ for myself. Ho Ho Ho!. I’ll just do this more often from now onwards. Try beating my record, tbg. Eat your heart out. Ha Ha!

Courtesy? Screw it. Hey, it’s a dog eat dog world out here. :rofl::joy:


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Oh, I see how it works now with all you long timers on here. Anything to pad the stats. I’m gunning for you now. Watch your back gohlip, all those self solves aren’t going to keep you in the lead forever. You probably have a bunch of minions solving all those deceptively difficult boot issues for you. I suspected there was more than one of you solving all those nasty Microsoft dual boot issues. That’s it I’m going to have to get a bunch of lackeys doing my bidding too. You done did it now, the gloves are off. :wink: :smile: :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice post, best laugh I’ve had in ages. :smile:

Keep up the good work.


OK you got me, Ill have to sign up for sensitivity training yet again. :smile:

I’m glad you took my post for what it is.
Often times, my wit (okay, sarcasm, putdowns…:open_mouth:) were misconstrued and I regretted making them despite my friendly intentions. I often paused before sending any reply and most times aborted sending.

Glad I can count on another person here where I do not have to worry about ‘sensitivity training’.

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Oooh … like this?


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Nope I have a particularly twisted sense of humour myself, and it often is taken the wrong way. So I totally get where you’re coming from. That’s right up my alley. I get it. :wink:

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How about the last one tagged with the solution has to buy a round. Go.

Are you implying I have that “twisted sense of humour” ? :frowning_face:
Now, now - who needs that ‘sensitivity training’ here?

Ho, Ho Ho, Let’s stop it here.
Before we ruffle the feathers of the ‘sensitive’ here. Ha Ha Ha.
Cheers. Take care. I’m taking the dog for a walk.
Sorry, he comes first. :grin:


Of course that means you solved it. :wink:
[and yeah I’m ‘sensitive’ … militantly so]

Sure, out walking the dog. You underhanded sneaky blaggard, trying to stick me with the round when you figured I wasn’t watching. Ha ha not for long. Can’t tag the same person twice. :wink: :smile: :rofl: :joy:

BTW, I edited out the offending “his & guys”


So much beer here. Where is @tbg @tbg @tbg when I need them in my fridge?
[dont worry about it - corrections should be just that - I have no desire to chastise or placate]

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I’m glad to see so many stewards of the solved thingy! Just pass it around :champagne: !
It is interesting the powerful effect of dopamine and social media
I have noted it myself .

But what ever, the point is made? the dog is walked…


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