When maximize window Its not fit to screen

I added panel like arch linux. after that this was happen. I removed extra panel & reset the settings… but still not solved

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How did you ‘reset the settings’? Your xfce settings are stored in ‘~/.config/xfce/’. You could logout from xfce, then login in tty (crtl+alt+F2) and rename the ‘~/.config/xfce4/’-folder. (rename not delete for having a backup :grinning:)

At next login to xfce, xfce should automatic load default settings-files from ‘/usr/share/xfce4/’ and create a new settings folder in ~/.config/.

For a less rowhammer methode you can search through the xfce config files in ‘~/.config/xfce4/’.

Sadly I cant tell you which config file exacly causes your problem. :frowning_face:

I done rename folder and restart. themes are gone but screen problem still there. :pensive:

Can you please post the output of this command before you restore your old settings?:

ls -lda ~/.config/*xfce*

So you can delete the new folder and rename back the old one to restore your themes.

Please that a look in xfce settings.

settings -> workspaces -> borders

If you set there borderpixels the windows will only expand to this border.

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Thank you ! its Worked

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