When downloading files from Microsoft Teams

Ok is a very simple problem or incompatibility, Teams works with no problem except that when you want to download a file, for example a text file, when the download manager opens the interface it seems it does not recognize or there is absent a font package because the window’s font interface is illegible.
I tested it on 5.10 and 5.11 kernel and the same problem
Intuitively can know what’s the button to download and it does so with no problem

It has nothing to do with the kernel, but the file dialog.
On KDE Plasma is related to xdg-desktop-portal-kde and should work for flatpak, snap, other GTK+ based applications like Firefox … but you will have to see how is that implemented in MTeams. Maybe is using their own file dialog, hence is not fully integrated.

Maybe related to this, and see last remark.