When does baloo index?

I am aware that running balooctl check will search for unindexed files and index them, but I can’t find out when this operation is ran automatically? I checked systemd timers and cron jobs, but I can’t find the timer that tells baloo to index.

AFAIK it won’t. baloo package registers /usr/lib/systemd/user/kde-baloo.service, which executes baloo_file. This runs as a daemon, never quits unless you explicitly tell it to (gracefully or not, up to you). It watches all folders in the included filters and will reindex whenever it sees a change. I don’t see anything that can control it in its configuration, so I assume it doesn’t do periodic reindexing, only when the filesystem notifies it of a change.

I also considered that, but when I create a text file it isn’t indexed immediately.