When are you planning to launch the next version of Manjaro Arm Mate?


I have decided to sell my pc and buy a raspberry pi 3 b + and I want to use manjaro, raspbian works excellent, but I have always been a user of manjaro and I do not want to endorse it, but due to so many problems that the matte version gives, I can not use it as my only system, I want to know how the progress of mate is going, because I see that it is the only one that has not received an update.

By the way I speak only Spanish, it is a pure translator that I leave the message, I hope, know how to understand.


Why not try it and find out?

Given MATE is a DE and the underlying Manjaro ARM system is the same between all DEs, whatever problems you’re referring to may already have been fixed. Or not. Noone knows unless you say what the issues are.


@GrayJack is the maintainer. Last I heard he was working on it. :slight_smile:


I have not reported it because I expected it to launch something proto, that’s why I asked, here I’ll leave what it gives me, if I have to create a separate topic, they let me know, to create it.
The errors that there are are:
1-Users and groups does not start
2-videos do not play well
3- constant freezing (I think the high consumption of ram causes it)
4-automatic login can not be enabled
5-missing options in energy, such as: do not turn off screen when at rest.
6-can not resize sd, you have to do it from another system.


I hope you report something about how the project has progressed.

By the way: great work that he has done, I like how he has left it, he has almost everything necessary for any user.