Whatsapp-web-jak session and camera-mic permissions issue


i was looking for a good webapp solution to use Whatsapp Web. I used a Epyphany webapp so far: differently from Firefox and Chromium webapps it open external links in my default browser, behaviour that i like.

Unfortunately i can’t use vocal message or capture an image from camera because these functions are not supported on webkit browsers.

So i tried whatsapp-web-jak, and it seems to support mic and camera capture, but i couldn’t figure out how to give access permission.
Plus, whatsapp-web-jak forces me to pair my phone everytime i use it, like it can’t store cookies.

Do you know how to fix that?
Thank you!


Dammit @galeot - coffee all over my keyboard and monitor.

Go ahead and click...you know you want to

Sounds like something someone might do while watching pr0nhub.


Not sure if its what your looking for but I use WhatsApp dark from the AUR and that works perfectly


Camera and Mic support is not active, but it can be added, I will update it shortly.

Thank you for your reply, marked as solution.

I’ll try the @merlock method anyway, just to be sure :upside_down_face:

@sawdoctor thank you, i wish to avoid AUR software in this case, i find jak-boxes a more elegant solution


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