What's your Linux gaming status


Hmm I didn’t realize it couldn’t handle that given the GTX card it compared to when I looked at a chart. Hopefully AMD will make a new card soon.

Possibly slightly off-topic but I got to ask.
I just looked at the lutris site. It sounds like it runs its compatibility script through your steam game when you download it is that true? Does Lutris fix things that haven’t been fixed by Proton yet? (by scripting winetricks fixes into Proton for you)



I think some users, who may be open-source purists, attack Nvidia because of the closed drivers.
I’ve used Nvidia cards for several years, and recently got a GTX1050Ti, which works well for the games I play. DeusEx Mankind Divided states that it only supports Nvidia when it loads. Being as I don’t have any other card, I cannot confirm that. With that said, it may be the case that AMD does perform better than Nvidia.

Perhaps to make the industry really change, a Linux gaming box is needed that targets gamers, but I think many users would complain that it would bring many Windows zombie users to Linux, causing a flood of help requests on the forums.

Maybe there could be a gaming edition of Manjaro ISO that only has gaming-related, and essential packages.

Manjaro Gaming Edition - Built by gamers for gamers.

Having a brand that directly targets the market might be the way to go.

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I don’t think that’s needed because Manjaro already comes preloaded with steam. I guess wine and winetricks could be added but I don’t think it’s a big deal to manually install them from pacman. If all the winetricks fixes were preloaded that distro would probably be huge.



I thought this marketing cliche has already played itself out. Built by architects for architects. Cooked by cheves for cheves. Designed by engineers for engineers. Hilarious. It even sounds stupid.
Also no need in any gaming edition, Manjaro is pretty good for Linux gaming OOB.



it’s all a common type of expression.



we have two of these one made by me with kde as de and is absolutely

and another is mgame with xfce as de



It’s ‘chefs’ not ‘cheves’. Generalisation of rules does not always work.

Ironic considering that you used ‘OOB’. Are you one of those people who uses cliches, but then troll others for using what you perceive as one?

Yes, that is true, but it’s not promoted on the Manjaro website landing page, is it? To know Manjaro runs loads of games, visitors need to look under ‘About’ > ‘Useful for everyone’.



A-ha! Very good. Are you marketing/promoting yours?



Oh thanks. English is a foreign language for me so I often have to google words.

Lol don’t take it personally, I spoke about phrase itself, its inheritable idiocy. OOB has nothing common with it. And I had no intention of trolling, not this kind of man.
Regarding “promotion of gaming capabilities”: most distros don’t do that for a reason. In a world where graphics drivers are not that good, where Valve has to invent Proton trying to deal with non-native games, one can’t claim Linux is great for gaming. I said pretty good which meant “most likely you’ll have to solve your problems with your games and drivers yourself, but generally many games do run on Manjaro”. And most importantly, promoting “gaming ready”, etc would attract more pure gamers unwilling to learn Linux, those who want just to play, and this could be disastrous af. Such people would get only negative experience (playing on Linux != playing with Linux) which then would be spread over the forums and social platforms. I doubt any distro needs such feedback.



Librewish’s gaming edition is not strictly a gaming edition but an “everything” edition :wink:

I don’t like Nvidia’s politics either, but as long as they provide good drivers I’m willing to accept it. Especially because their drivers are really good, within the constraints of closed-source.
That said, I’m also tempted by AMD for a future rig. Vega @ 150 W and I’m sold.



neither can Nvidia (at least not on decent FPS) - my Vega 64 can deliver stable 60+fps on 2560x1440@144Hz in all games I play. In most it caps at 144fps. I only game on 1 screen, which is the most common setup. The second screen is for other programs like browser, discord etc.

On the 2080ti, with Raytracing turned on, 1920x1080 delivers only about 60fps, so there is that.



Is there any Linux software that can already take advantage of the RT cores?
Not really a fan of that new 2000 series…



not that I would be aware of. Those are Windows - numbers. It was just an example of how much “performance” this 2000 series has when their key feature is enabled.



I know most gamers are still playing at 1080p but I’m playing games at 1600p and I would be upset if I had to go down to 1080p to get playable framerates if I enabled a “feature”.

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Given the (for the moment) extremely low number of games that support RT, you can just as well use the “standard” mode and enjoy full performance.
RT has always been extremely demanding.



Language learners often learn rules and then apply them to other words. That makes them generalised rules. I understand what you did. I make similar errors with Chinese Mandarin.

Okay. :slight_smile:



Perhaps in the future things might change if more companies adopt open-source as a way forward, and accept the benefit of more collaboration.

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Im gaming well on linux, currently Soldier of Fortune 1 with Playonlinux, and through Steam Proton Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars, works well too, linux is great for gaming today:wink:

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Okay, if the concept of an official gaming edition is not on the table, how about turning it into a console? The Blade! :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe it could work in collaboration with several gaming platforms. I suppose it could work a bit like IPTV/Kodi in terms of interface but for games.

It could receive inputs via wi-fi for multi-player controllers, or keyboard and mouse for the PC oriented gamer. Heck, why not allow smartphones to be controllers, too?



You can already turn a Manjaro PC into a console by using Steam’s Big Picture Mode and using the SC-Controller package.