What's up with pamac?


I just noticed something in pamac that it shows same package mutiple times as shown,

It creates a confusion and i think a package should be listed as only one entry in pamac.
I just want to appeal the developers to remove this.


sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syy


Aren’t those groups?

EDIT: Actually, it doesn’t look like they are.


these are single packages which are shown as more than one in pamac.


i dont want to know how to sync pacman database.
that was not asked my friend FYI.


I have problems reading pictures posted on the forum sometimes because of my vision. Generally if you have multiple entries of the same programs I believe it is because your mirrors are out of sync.


The reason is not because of Pamac, but how AppStream handles the package data.

Example. Libreoffice.
libreoffice-fresh is the package name, which is shown inside ().
But AppStream has that package listed as the provider for Writer, Calc, Base, etc… So it will list all those apps, even though you just search for libreoffice-fresh.

The same thing would happen in any other package manager/ software center, that uses appstream data.


Ok archlinux appstream data is to be blamed here. Thanks.