What's the SHA1 signature?

The SHA1 for the latest Openbox download seems to be wrong.
What’s the current signature?

You are right:

Manjaro Website:
Normal distro: f03a40df16b295030ef13f748c85513cda558f98 (wrong)
Minimal distro: a162209448a39c2aa5c066f985ae0034ddb1d129 (wrong)

Normal distro: 37a26e3c5fdd0ab8c4ddc787e334d79702ddb7e2
Minimal distro: 235e17ae8488e2315b52ec44bcd73ec7d3bb187d

@Ste74, can you have a look into that?

Actually, osdn one is fine, but the one on Manjaro - Openbox isn’t

Manjaro website seems to download the OSDN version, so SHA1 looks wrong that way

Done i checked the files inside the opnbox folder and then adjust the checksums to match it