What's the password to login inside manjaro

Hello to everyone.

I’m trying to install manjaro on the physical disk from the ISO image but using a xen virtual machine. An odd thing happens when I do this : the installation does not start,but It asks that I login into the system with the username = manjaro. Problem is that I don’t know what’s the password. I tried manjaro / manjaro but it does not work. Also root / manjaro does not work. check the image below.

https://i b b .co/h7wQf6N

it does not happens when I try to install manjaro physically.

It should be manjaro / manjaro there is no other password from what i know.


Your link broke… :frowning:

The link is not broken. Only T1 and above can post links.
On the topic, could it be, caps is activated on boot?

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Then how to show problem with image?

Read more articles and you’ll become a TL1. This is a good one to start:

The defaults are

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Wrong link will reboot the PC not log in… :joy:

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