What's the default power management of Manjaro?

hi, guys, I wanna know what is the default power management software? is it TLP ? if I wanna improve the efficiency of my laptop, is TLP conflict with the default power management software?

Default power management depends on desktop environment, e.g. Gnome uses upower. KDE uses powerdevil

Which DE do you use?

Manjaro Xfce includes tlp for power management

thanks zesko, I’m using Gnome, so, will TLP and upower works together happy without conflict?

If you want to use the official Gnome power management, then not use TLP that is in the conflict.

  1. Uninstall tlp and disable all tlp service.
  2. Install the optional dependency power-profile-daemon for gnome-control-center
  3. Enable sudo systemctl enable --now power-profile-daemon, Power Profiles will be displayed
  4. You can check powerprofilesctl

See the example:


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thanks a lot

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