What would the Manjaro Community dream about KDE?



I mean that KDE/Qt feature updates often blocks all updates that would go to stable and thats really annoying for many of us when there are 3 weeks (or more) no updates and then a 1-2GiB update.

a weekly - bi-weekly schedule would be great to have

Thats why we have arch-testing, arch, unstable and testing before stable. Every update is a risk, but that one group of software blocks all updates for weeks is something we should not have.
I’m completely fine with not shipping KDE / Qt when there are known bugs in it, but for people who dont even have Qt installed, there isnt a reason to get updates. it’s how manjaro is made that holds back packages at this point. But since this topic is about “dreams”… :wink:


KDE is not the only thing that holds up updates, I know that gnome and gtk have on occasion.

I know that is what testing is for, but things still slip through from time to time, especially if the issue came from upstream arch to begin with.

Weekly and/or Bi-weekly is still way too often for me.
I’d rather see monthy updates, that would be first on my wish list.
I’d also like to see less GTK apps by default:
Falkon instead of firefox
Kmail instead of thunderbird
Dragon instead of mpc or vlc
Amarok is nice but kaffeine or juk would work as well.
Theres also elisa and babe-qt for audio.

Only plasmaids that came with plasma unless absolutely useful for a wide audiance.
Too many distributions these days add way too many extra apps, and add-ons, that it takes a week or so just to clear them all out.

Sometimes Less is more.


When returning to a Manjaro forum topic you previously read, does Falkon “remember” your place in a forum, or always go to the bottom?

And Chromium at least will use kdialog if installed.


Chromium is still gtk, but that’s nice to know.

Yes, as far as I can tell it remembers, and I actually HATE that “feature”.
Some of these threads are soo long it takes days scrolling to the bottom.


The timeline on the right will take you straight to the bottom(or the top) if that is what you want.


When I click on a topic under new, it takes me to that post in the thread.
I don’t see a “timeline on the right” that I can click:


It is the thing on the right in your screenshot between “Jul 6” and “19m ago”. Both of those can be clicked on and take you direct to the top or the bottom.

It is hard to see, but there is a line in between them that you can drag for fast access


Yea, I see it now. I’ve never noticed that before, nice…


Darktheme is better :slight_smile:



What DarkTheme would that be exacly?

A. I’m using Falkon.
B. I’m on my Enlightenment box.


Forumstyle in settings.


It was worth a try


Ah, OK. .:wink:

Well I just tried it, and that hurts my eyes, the grey and green are blending together on me to become blurry. It could be that the green is just too bright for my eyes, kind of like the glare from headlights. This is why I need to wear polorized glasses to drive.


Plasma LTS would be a great idea given the (implicit) mission of Manjaro (to be an easier and more stable Arch). (Mission doesn’t always mean mission acomplished, to prevent useless discussion.)
An even better idea would be to make it the default on the ISO if it works well.


Do we think adding a second set of qt and kde packages would cause more conflicts/challenges when install and updating software? Will the fact that there are two providers for so many things add complexity?


I wrote this before but what I like about OpenSuse is Yast. It holds all settings, except the real KDE settings, under one umbrella. Open it, type your password and all settings can be configured. Manjaro settings has a few already, maybe it can be expanded to hold more settings.


The opposite approach was taken - the features of MSM have been integrated into KDE System Settings.


Um, once again, No.
This was already discused once in this thread.
Backwards and forwards compatability.
The only time the Qt api’s, etc. break are on major revisions (aka 5.xx.xx to 6.xx.xx)
Minor revisions are backwards compatable (5.12.xx - 5.13.xx)
Patch revisions are both forward and backward compatable (5.12.3 - 5.12.6 or 5.13.0 - 5.13.3)


But that would mostly apply to application compatibility?

Maybe I am not thinking about right because I do not have that much depth in package management but I was assuming there would be two versions of all the base qt and kde packages.

Once you have a package installed it would use it and upgrade it as normal. But what happens when an application brings in a new dependency that has both an LTS and non-LTS version. I was thinking there would be two providers for that dependency and it would ask which one you wanted.

I may be misunderstanding the way it would work.


Most likely the same way as the stable, testing and unstable branches do not mix, the same way the LTS “branch” will be separate …


It would depend on when a application was last compiled and against what.
However, the KDE applications and frameworks go hand in hand, and have nothing to do with Plasma-desktop itself. It’s only plasma that is LTS, not the KDE application suite or plasma-frameworks.