What would the Manjaro Community dream about KDE?



Octopi is a package manager, and Discover is an App Store. I do not think one can be a replacement for the other. Also, (at least on Kubuntu) Discover is heavily dependent on good AppStream data. Without it, you simply cannot find certain packages.


Yup. I’ve added it to a vanilla Arch + Plasma and altogether, it bumped my RAM from 430 to–590 was it? Maybe a little south of there.

Additional services, yada, yada bugs the snot out of me. And fancy screenshots in a Boutique Store motif do not an application make.


That is certainly true, you could use MA to manually to just install the packages you wanted. From my experience you really just need plasma, manjaro-kde-settings, kio-extras and sddm-breath-theme. Well, you might want some other things like a terminal and a file manager. :slight_smile: Honestly, rolling through all the options in MA would be more time consuming for me than switching from the xfce minimal.


I could see that. When Budgie first hit the Arch repos but wasn’t a desktop yet in Manjaro or anything other than Solus, I did much the same. Then removed Xfce. Presto, chango! Poof! :smiley:


No worries mate …


Xfce? LTS? How would you know? I mean, fer chrissake the glaciers are regressing faster than Xfce progresses. :wink:


Where you’re right, you’re right. :slight_smile:


The main reason why I switched from Kubuntu to Manjaro was that Manjaro offered KDE as main edition. Otherwise I would probably have switched to NEO or Kaos.

I am absolutely happy with Manjaro KDE.

I haven’t noticed any serious bugs in the current KDE version yet.

Does the LTS version only refer to plasma or also to the applications?
How long does the LTS version cover?

Coming from Kubuntu, I know the issue that if KDE had a bug, I usually had to wait for the next Kubuntu version to be fixed, since the Kubuntu version KDE was rarely exchanged.
This is the reason why I prefer the newest version, but I can also live with the LTS version.

Why not test the KDE LTS with the upcoming Manjaro 18 version. If it proves to be bad, can it be fixed with version 19.


And you follow him? Bad choice if you ask me.
As long as KDE is one of the main editions it is okay with me. Doesn’t have to change.


Plasma 5.12 will be supported for at least two years. You may find here the release schedule. We would offer the LTS Plasma with the current apps. On the other hand we also will provide fixes as soon as they are available and proven to work and released either as patch or tarball. The community only needs to point them out to us, when we didn’t act or were not yet aware of them :wink:


It was meant as a joke. KDE will be always main but not flagship …


Is it an idea to make a real KDE editions with only KDE programs? I have recently installed KaOS which has that and it does getting used to it but it’s certainly not bad. I deleted it cause I got in a fight with volume control which worked different from what I am used to and what I want.
Having only KDE programs also means no Gtk to disturb the look and feel.


My remark was sarcasm but somehow people don’t always get that. I see that so often. Not only here, also in every day life. Must be me.

Is it just me or KDE Plasma lacks modern themes?

Why should not it?
KDE-LTS or still
There is also something comparable
give, look at the state of things

KDE Plasma 5.13.2 Released June 26, 2018 Complete Changelog

KDE Plasma 5.12.6 LTS Released June 27, 2018 Complete Changelog

Let’s take a look at GTK and you might get the impression
that here is a DEFRAG in emergence.
GTK3 until release 3.22, last release 3.nn
GTK4 The development of Gtk + 4.0 started shortly thereafter
GTK5 Soon after the release of version 4.0, the development should be 5.0

And how it should be everyone wants his ICON / Theme
GTK2, GTK3, GTK4, GTK5, :cry:

Very much wood for the team


Thanks and noted for future reference. However, I don’t want any changes based on my own personal preferences that affect all users so won’t create a PR. I was simply suggesting adding KVantum as added value for those not happy with the existing set of themes but if anyone feels that passionately about it they can do as you instructed.


Arch has an LTS kernel in thier repositories doesn’t it?
So, it’s not like they are against such things… :wink:


Appstream data is not a problem for Arch (manjaro). Netrunner Rolling has been using it for quitte sometime.

PS, pamac also uses apstream data, it just doesn’t index (parse) it quite right. This is why you see several entries for say plasma-desktop in pamac, but not in discover, or gnome software for that matter.


An LTS kernel, just like Manjaro has an LTS kernel. How the heck do you correlate that to an entire OS?

Answer: It does not correlate.

EDIT: It’s common for Arch users to run multiple kernels fr exactly the same reason Manjaroos may install multiple kernels. I’m presently running 4.14.53-lts and 4.17.3-ARCH. What kernels do you have installed.


KDE in and of itself is NOT an entire OS. Besides, upstream are the ones that designated Plasma 5.12 as an LTS, not Manjaro. Plasma 5 LTS was what we were refering to in this thread, is it not?

No, I have the 4.14 and 4.17 kernels instaled, but I hardly ever use the 4.14 kernel, it’s just there in case something foes wrong. And even then, I now loose my wifi with 4.14 when I do boot up with it. Good thing I decided to run Cat6 through out my home and office, there nothing quite like having approx. 500Mb download and 50Mb upload speeds. :wink:


I thought so–not kernels. :smiley: