What would the Manjaro Community dream about KDE?



I’d love to see KDE elected as Manjaro’s flagship DE.

One thing that really bothers users is KDE’s persistence in the development of the current, heavy Akonadi-based PIM family of apps (Kontact / KMail / KAddressBook / KOrganizer). The last piece of annoyance was KMail’s team insistence in forcing users to accept HTML restrictions and the infamous HTML bar in the message panel. Totally against basic free software principles. Giving up on this disastrous Akonadi-based solution would be a great plus!


To me, one of the key features of KDE is its superior flexibility when it comes to high DPI displays. So it would be nice to have a 4K KDE Manjaro theme. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I’m happy with the way the Manjaro team handles KDE.


My dream is…
A stylish Manjaro kde edition from the grub to desktop : a beautiful grub theme & a stylish boot splash after grub - smooth transition to login screen- a beautiful collection af plasma wallpaper & look and feel (theme, icons…)

Simply a stylish manjaro kde from grub to desktop
A big one ! :grimacing::sweat_smile:


Not me :tongue: :wink:


Not I
Not me
I do not


The only wish for me would be an actual working media playing status icon, this is how it looks with the default theme after a fresh KDE Manjaro install

The shown gap, when clicked, opens the plasma media MPRIS status widget

And please replace octopi with pamac


Ah, since we are at it, and i had this page opened, just wanted to add that maybe is time to change the manjaro-browser-settings so the /etc/skel/.config/qupzilla becomes /etc/skel/.config/falkon


@Ste74, great idea. Can you check how hard it would be if you additionally adopt that theme with the style you already do? It would be easy if you will be our new theme designer/modifier. We already use this theme for XFCE and it would be the right move to do it also for KDE.

@Signalrunner: based not only on your feedback, but on other too, I think it would be better to react on known issues faster and put more effort on the latest stable releases to implement the updates faster. This way we will improve the experience a lot. However it would be great that interesting people will become a Test-Squad our team can relay on to get fast feedback. As return you only may have to test our new ISOs on regular basis. which may be a benefit for you and others as well.

We can add any package at any time as wanted. If the current basic profile is not as best as it can be, please create a PR so we may discuss changes.

It would be possible. However we have to test this first. @AJSlye, since Netrunner uses Discover, may you share with us if there are tweaks needed to use this package UI as wanted?

This maybe solved when we switch the theme. No worries, not only our Distro may have this bug.

@Ste74: should be possible, or?

This is manageable. Why not. Needs time, but we can do that.

We have to see. Since Adapta is focused on Gnome, it might support this already. Give it a try, even we don’t have yet manjaro-fied it for KDE.

This is out of our scope. Aarnt is maintaining it. It already has trizen support and Aarnt might improve it as needed. Open an issue for it. On the other hand: @kirek, @guinux - how hard would it be to do a QT-UI for pamac?

Simply put: won’t happen. KDE edition will be available at the same schedule as our XFCE and Gnome ISOs. Flagship will be XFCE, as for this Manjaro is known. We should we change our branding. Trump may say: XFCE first, KDE second?

That is one reason why KDE is not our flagship edition and can’t be. We can only try to fix the issues faster and delay the packages until to a point we consider them stable enough. However, this means more people have to either use testing or join the already mentioned test-squad.


No, not really, it prety much works as is. However, it does not support the AUR, but in my mind that’s a good thing. At least you can’t break your system with some arbitrary AUR update.

Anyway, I’ll take a good look at my packaging just in case I forgot about anything we did on our end.


Any addition from your end will be good.


I think octopi could use a better aur backend - such as yay or aurman
Or if we are really crazy - pamac-qt ?

As for the themes…
(sorry oxygen folks)
adapta-maia exists already for both KDE and GTK. (and is workable using or not using kvantum)

I actually audited it a bit for breath color and to get rid of panel shadows, etc to make it ‘flatter’.


Great… I can make a pkg and you can share with us your patch or leave as it do you think @philm :wink:
For the falcon changes @bogdancovaciu can you share with us the files and where are to put? I can drop qupzilla and do falcon instead :grinning:


Best leave it as is … my current version is a bit mangled (went overboard and messed up borders)
But its all certainly doable without too much hassle.
I’m taking a look at the alpha black theme now too though, as it seems like a nice blank palette to start from with some extra functionality.


The files are correct as they are, just the folder needs to be renamed from qupzilla to falkon … as any profile created previously with the “old” Qupzilla is 100% compatible with the new Falkon browser :slight_smile:


Uhmmm this theme provide only the black theme variation?


Thank you :wink:


Easily changed - more wanted the structure and tools.
But it only comes with (insert color here) titlebar/panel/etc and white innards …
So it would be more work than I first thought.


@philm. Phillip, I have mixed thoughts…

  • LTS? LTS? This is supposed to be Arch-based. LTS, WTF?
  • And that would make it unique at this point-in-time. And that rocks.
  • I’d like to see it in the KDE 5.13-series if possible.

If you can do it and it works well, why not? How many people ever get to make unique contributions to the benefit of others?

Go for it. :smiley:


I have always thought it would be better if the KDE version to use pamac by default instead of octopi even though it is gtk based. It would make things more consistent and easier to explain to new users. Since there is always opposition to add gtk apps by default in qt distributions, having a qt ui on pamac sounds awesome.

I also like the idea of using discover as the notifier and graphical updater.

Another thing would be a middle-ground minimal kde iso. The minimal profile in MA includes an autostarting yakuake and a ton of other stuff that make it not very minimal. On the other hand, the minimal kde that @excalibur1234 is working on doesn’t include networkmanager which makes it difficult to use without an ethernet connection. It will never be a perfect package list for everyone but what we have now for minimal seems extreme in both directions. As a mangaro kde user I find it easier to use the XFCE minimal iso and install plasma rather than any of the existing kde editions.


Not me, brother! Yuck! Blech! GTK! :wink:

OSTree, PackageKit, yada, yada…Yuck! Blech! :wink:

I tried the M-A TUI for the first time a few days ago. Thought it worked rather well.

The profiles are too numerous and too confusing, IMHO. Select the “Plasma” install, and you will get only that package-group, which avoids Yakuake, etc.


Boys and girls, please, do not forget Xfce :wink:

Missing @muser