What would the Manjaro Community dream about KDE?



Hi Community,

since you may know: Manjaro is mostly focusing on it’s XFCE edition as their flagship edition. However, KDE is also a great desktop environment.

With the current v5.13 series some may struggle currently a little. KDE developers are busy to fix the known issues to solve matters fast. However, there is also a LTS version of v5.12 series. Would that be also of interest to be available within Manjaro? We may even offer a kde-lts edition as needed. Another effort may be to put more energy into our kde-centric tools.

We know that KDE and Plasma is wanted by our community, which this over 1.0k thread shows:

So if there would be some possibilities Manjaro as a Linux distribution enhances and offers, what would the community expect mostly?

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It is minor, but I would love to see the theming updated.


I’m not experiencing many/any Plasma5 bugs, or at least not showstopper ones, in Stable. I have seen a few in my Testing KDE VM, but that’s Testing… & i like the way that as much as possible these get resolved prior to flowing into Stable that my real PCs use. Personally i don’t like the concept of LTS Plasma on a rolling-release distro. IMO “LTS” = “Stale”.

Don’t really know what it means, but it sounds likely to be good for me.


A Manjaro specific Plasma theme based on Oxygen rather than Breeze.

An LTS Plasma package group in the repos would be good, but I imagine one would have to stick with either LTS or current Plasma. Changing from one to the other via pacman package groups may introduce issues.

Plasma LTS is a big build though, which Arch currently doesn’t support, so the build server would be extremely busy.

Going in the other direction what about a Plasma beta repo?


I love the KDE version just the way it is. I worry a little bit about fragmenting support by offering multiple versions. As already mentioned some extra theming would be all I’d want. That is more for the individual user to decide anyway as far as theme preferences go. All good for me.

Thanks for thinking of us KDE users though…


@sueridgepipe: Pushing out KDE-LTS is not as hard as it sounds. With the current hardware on my end it can be done in Minutes. For the current KDE packages normally nothing will change. Similar stuff we do already with XFCE-GTK3. Having a beta-repo might help for sure. However we do it with the branch concept and therefore it would be similar as we would offer KDE-LTS, only the other way around.

@kdemeoz: with kde-centric tools I meant Manjaro-Settings-Manager, Octopi and other applications we use or partly maintain within the Manjaro umbrella. Mostly the tools QT/KDE-framwork based.

@dalto: having a good theme is always key. Time to time we find a good artist who is willing to create one for us. Our current approach was to manjaro-fy a good theme to our default greenish colours. However, a theme and art is always taste. We also know that some of the community always exchange the default theme with something else. Having a good theme is partly our effort, however not designing one (not yet). We can however offer to package more themes the community may choose from. If someone knows somebody who is a great KDE artist, let us also know.


kde-centric tools sounds great - whatever it will be. Regarding LTS releases I am pretty sure that such things are good for distros like Ubuntu or Fedora - non-rolling ones. For Manjaro it has always been a matter of balance between the cutting edge and stability, and this approach should be kept intact IMO.
What I really do hope to see from Manjaro as distro is a new default theme based on Breeze (light) but with a touch of your green style guys. Current Breath theme is good but it’s dark, so what about light-lovers? A good example of what I mean is OpenSUSE’s default theme for Plasma. And yeah one can say that theming is not a big deal but I am talking about my personal expectations, moreover, I don’t see any serious problems with KDE edition. As for substantial issues of Plasma and KDE apps, I guess those should be addressed to KDE devs as soon as it’s their product.

PS: it was hard to even suppose what could be done because seriously Manjaro still amazes me - I never thought I would find such a great distro.


With every major release bump of Manjaro we normally also think about theme changes. We already did that for the XFCE edition. Maybe @Kirek comes up with some in regard of theming.

So our current approach seems to be already great. Thanks for the positive feedback so far.

Talking about bugs, it is good to know what issue we may have and then we may check if there are some solutions already for them. Having more frequent KDE ISOs may also help to test fixes or find issues faster. This however, needs also effort on the community side to find time to test them.

All in all great, but keep new ideas coming :smiley:


Regarding the LTS Plasma, i know a few people that will be happy with that, also for being more compatible with older themes … but mostly for those that have a slower internet connection, and want to keep the updates to a minimum size, but also for stability of the system in a production environment.
Not sure what would imply to change in the SystemdGenie, or add to it so will be in the list of Plasma System Settings, as the Kernel, Hardware Configuration and the “old” Systemd KCM was … i always forget and i open System Settings … Also for those that use Kvantum manager, maybe it has it’s place in the KDE-centric tools in KCM … ? Not sure why but many people seem to be confused about it, or not knowing that some themes need it in order to display correctly …
Just a few thoughts, but most already covered the most important aspects. Thanks !


please leave it as it is or offer KDE-LTS in the extra repository only as a user option if it is necessary to do anything at all. you guys currently offer the best overall KDE user experience so please do not start messing around with a winning formula. of course on occasion upstream will break things, that is to be expected and accepted. if affected users can’t cope with such breakages then perhaps they should change to an LTS distribution rather than a rolling one which tracks upstream closely.

themes are subject to taste. Perhaps adding Kvantum to the official manjaro KDE ISO would appease some people? It’s a miniscule package so wouldn’t drastically increase the ISO size and annoy other users who don’t need it.


+1 for this

manjaro-printer is installed by default in other Manjaro editions, but not in the KDE one for some reason, and would be very welcome as would plasma-browser-integration.

Overall, the selection of core KDE apps and tools without the Akonadi bloat works very well (I have a preference for Kwrite over Kate, but that is easy to fix).

I would welcome a LTS package or edition.


An LTS group would be good IMO. I agree there may be some support fragmentation due to this, but it would offer a safe port for those who daily use KDE and want to avoid breakages due to its development cycle. I would remain with the current release for now. It has worked very well for me.

Thanks to the team for the wonderful work and keep it going.


You are a rolling distro. So in that regard, I find the concept of a kde-lts a little bit silly. Just a little bit.

I mean, in Kubuntu and the like it makes sense since the base OS is also LTS. But even KDE Neon themselves retired, or at least hide, the LTS flavor of it’s Plasma thing. And they are even “less rolling” than you are!

Just my 2 cents. I am not against it, but… whateva. Apart from that, anything kde-centric is welcomed. As the thread says, Plasma is really great. I wont use anything else myself.


I think the biggest issue with the KDE spin is that updates are much more probable to break things than on Xfce.
Is there a way to square this circle? If going with mostly KDE/Qt software pre-installed would help I’m all for it. I mean everything, like KDE mail instead of Thunderbird and so on.


In theory, yes, but in practice ohhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I do not want to return to my bad old days of emails & calendar events vanishing [aka, apparently self-deleting], & sky-high cpu% with associated Kontact/KOrganiser freezes/lagginess. TB might be less pretty, but it’s been mega-reliable for me; direct antithesis of how Kontact/KOrganiser was.

  1. I second that.

  2. A modern, flat theme would be a nice addition. See

  1. Perhaps replace Octopi with Discover but making sure that it asks for the user password when installing or upgrading packages. See

EDIT: I stopped using the Manjaro themes because they wouldn’t show the network indicator when a connection was established using a broadband modem. See


Plasma has been going on a very nice road and IMHO it may soon be the Manjaro flagship. The main drawbacks are mostly theme related issues, so some more attention on these would be awesome.
Kvantum and qt5ct co-operation could be cleared out on how they should be properly used, I am still a little confused on this. I have spotted a nice kvantum theme I adore “Curves”.
An LTS might heal stability fears for Plasma lovers.
A Manjaro plasma theme with quick remedies on theme glitches after some updates, would be a game changer IMO.
Whatever Kde-centric is welcome!


Take the breeze alpha black theme and manjaro it, since it has a widget that allows it to change the panel color and background opacity of the panel, widgets, and popups. This would give maximum choice for users and allow it to blend with the widest variety of qt and gtk color schemes. An Adapta Maia Window Decoration, and a script to ensure you don’t have apps launch on non-existent monitors, or monitors you disconnected between boots. This last one is the primary reason I don’t use KDE on machines that move around or share monitors via HDMI switch. I have the worst luck with these. Also an LTS package for Manjaro would not hurt anything, but I think the manpower would be better spent living on the edge and polishing it. Most KDE issues are resolved by the time it gets through testing.


Better AUR integration within Octopi, like being able to view package page comments (ie trizen --comments). Pamac AUR integration is much better currently now than Octopi.

Ability to install and manage flatpak and snap packages from within Octopi, with clear differentiation between all four different package types (repo, AUR, flatpak, snap).

Also, or maybe alternatively, better KDE Discover Manjaro integration.

Oh, and has anyone mentioned themes yet?


Oxygen based them with breath-dark coloring would be splendid indeed as a new default Manjaro KDE theme.



For theming a customized material theme like this ? What do you think ?