What would happen if one were to install EVERY single AUR and official Arch package there is?

I really do mean every package in the AUR and official repos. Beyond possible (definite) system breakage and a hell of a lot of disk space lost, what else would happen?
Would you have the most complete Arch experience, or something else?
For the sake of thought, let's assume you're installing this on the highest-end desktop.
Here is a list of all AUR Packages I found.
Here's the list of all "official" Arch packages.
What do you think would happen?

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it wouldn't install due to dependency issues :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dependency hell, that seems too boring.

not if you have nothing to actually be doing

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You would take up a tremendous amount of disk space :slight_smile:

I was asking beyond stuff like this. Losing disk space is obvious, I was just interested in more of what would happen.

you wouldn't be able to install EVERY single package because a lot of them provide the same binary and would uninstall each other.
like, you can't have ranger and ranger-git at the same time, to name one example.

or you could, but you'd have to install them to a different location maybe. and everything else would get brought in as dependency


You would waste every minute of every hour of approximately 39 days of your life.

But hey--who am I to define Crazy Stupid? :smiley:


You would open a portal to a parallel Earth where your waifu is real.

I'm not really sure why kind of sexy answer you were expecting for this one.


Whaddya mean by 39 days? Is that how long it takes for all packages to install, is it some ballpark number, does the number have a signficant meaning, or am I overthinking this?

I didn't expect anything sexy, just something weird/whatever you define as unusual to happen.
EDIT: So a "fully installed" Arch system would make even a potato PC capable of creating interdimensional portals. Huh, neat. TIL

A trip to the garbage can. :roll_eyes:

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It simply isnt possible because some packages conflict with others.

Now if you forcibly ignore all that? Again - it wouldnt be possible because at some point your builds/installs would begin to fail because of invoking the wrong java or whatever.

So maybe the more interesting question would be - what is the most complete packagelist you could achieve given dep/conflicts? And how would you go about finding or creating it ?


Enjoy the stupidity!


Just figurin' approx. 1 minute to d/l each appropriate PKGBUILD, run 'makepkg -si' in a terminal, deal with any necessary dependencies, and install the package. You can do the math yerself, LOL! :smiley:


The very worst scenario is that you'd have to reinstall, a First World problem if I ever saw one.:roll_eyes:


would have to start with multiple user accounts to install all the different DEs

and then all the different desktop themes

Manjaro 'Mr Creosote' edition

'it's only a waffer thin mint-theme'


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