What was used to make the forums?


I love how dynamic the Manjaro forums are. I’ve never been on a forum that was so dynamic you can see others reply to topics in real time making it feel like an IRC. I know it’s because of a JS framework and I was curious to know which? Angular? React? Something else?


Built With

  • Ruby on Rails — Our back end API is a Rails app. It responds to requests RESTfully in JSON.
  • Ember.js — Our front end is an Ember.js app that communicates with the Rails API.
  • PostgreSQL — Our main data store is in Postgres.
  • Redis — We use Redis as a cache and for transient data.

Plus lots of Ruby Gems, a complete list of which is at


Wow I never would’ve guessed any of that. Thanks so much for the info. :smile:


Not just Ruby but also the History API from using modern browsers. The forum is fully utilizing that along with jQuery.