What virtualization tool should I use if I want manjaro-arm-installer to be run on any platform?

I automatically ran for docker, but docker does cannot run systemd commands, so I constantly run into issues for a simple script. localectl and timedatectl was manageable, but systemd-nspawn and mount commands don’t seem to be working on docker at all.

Now I’m wondering if docker is the right choice for this.

Any thoughts?

I’m currently using Vagrant + Virt-manager and that seems to be so far for what I’m looking for, since it seems to provides another level of security for the SD card flasher application manjaro-arm-installer. I can recall manjaro-arm-installer in docker showing the host’s device /dev/sda and I would rather have people following my tutorial not have that option at all. Since libvirt has /dev/vda this is much more reassuring.


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