What the hell is going on with Calamares?

Pavho, networkcfg applet refuses to work without replacing or editing /usr/lib/calamares/modules/networkcfg/main.py so an installation can complete.

How is this an issue? How did this get past QA?

Also, how I managed to fix it was I used the copy of main.py for networkcfg from Manjaro KDE, which once replaced allowed me to complete.

@Yochanan this is specific to the XFCE edition of Manjaro. KDE and MATE builds complete without issue. I know because I did it. And I encountered this error to reproduce when someone else mentioned they encountered it.

I see. However, it’s a Calamares specific issue not related to the Xfce Desktop Environment itslef.

I believe the issue is fixed with the latest ISOs. Did you try 21.1.4-210927?

I will check.

It works. Happy to see it fixed.

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