What steam should i use?

hello everyone, i had a big problem with steam since i installed manjaro on my pc. Initially, I used steam runtime and installed CSGO, but the screen would go black and break. Then I decided to try flatpak, install CSGO and play without problems. I also installed dirt rally 2 and the hunter, but sometimes it broke out of nowhere (I used proton 6.3). And out of nowhere, the games stopped working with flatpak, so I decided to uninstall everything and go back to steam runtime and try again. Now install CSGO and when I start the game I get a warning that it could not connect with the steam client and it breaks. Please if someone can tell me what steam to use and what configuration I need, it would be very helpful. Thanks!

Clarification, I do not have dedicated graphics, I use integrated graphics from Intel. My CPU is an i7 10700.

Have you tried steam-manjaro (without steam-runtime)?

when I install steam-manjaro it appears to me as steam (runtime) and when I install steam-native it appears to me as steam (native). In the case of flatpak, it appears only as steam