What should i know about arm?

I’m thinking of getting a pinebook pro but because it is arm architecture I am having second thoughts about it. What should I know about the arm architecture and should i even buy one?

What exactly you want to know? Wikis aren’t enough?



This looks like a lot of questions to me, instead of one.
ARM chips are used from smartphones to big server clusters.
So almost anyone with a smartphone already has an ARM chip.

The Pinebook Pro uses the Rockchip RK3399, which was also used in a Chromebook and ARM chips are getting more and more used in laptops.
Why are you having second thoughts?
What are your plans with the Pinebook Pro?

For me the Pinebook Pro is just an experiment.
You can use it for some light browsing and media consumption (like video).
There still needs to be done a lot of work to get the most out of the Pinebook Pro.
I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily driver.
But when you want to experiment, sure go ahead.

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