What replaced nvidia-settings with the new 5.30 driver?

I use nvidia-settings all the time and now it is removed with this new KDE 5.27 update / NVidia 5.30 drivers. Is it replaced with something?

I checked running it and it wants to install NVidia 5.25 again if you want it back.

The application nvidia-settings is not installed. It may be found in the following packages:
extra/nvidia-390xx-utils 390.157-2 /usr/bin/nvidia-settings
extra/nvidia-470xx-utils 470.161.03-2 /usr/bin/nvidia-settings
extra/nvidia-utils 525.89.02-1 /usr/bin/nvidia-settings
Do you want to Install package nvidia-390xx-utils? (y/N)

It has been split off from the main drivers. Once you have updated to 530 and performed a reboot, you will see nvidia-settings as a separate package to install.

Awesome! Thanks!

I found it about the same exact time you posted it.

Weird that they would split this off.

There was an explanation linked in the update wiki post.

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