What kind of FS?

Hi, what kind of fs is better to install manjaro i3 on a SSD ? … XFS, BRTF, ZFS, F2FS … ? Thanks a lot … !


You probably won’t notice any difference.

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Hi, i wont to know how create a secure and usefull FS to work on it knowing its characteristics … and create a working well partition disk and FS with the correct flags and other aspects to get a good working and knowingly FS & Partitioning Layer to install de base and the base-devel and other packs in the wright way … thanks a lot !

You don’t create a filesyste, you chhose it :wink: . In short, ext4 is kind of the most “stable” and “standard” as of now, but btrfs offer some great features (most of which most users don’t use).