What is wrong with the newer kernels [haswell family processor ]?

I don´t know what happened to the newer kernels of Linux but I have like 30-40fps less in Citra and Vvctre (both emulators of 3DS). I don´t know if it affects other games, the system is stable and with no bugs but this.
In kernel 4.19 I have stable 60fps, and if I unlock fps it gets like 100fps, but in kernel 5.4 and 5.8 (probably also the other kernels newer than 4.19) I have 30-35 fps.
Probably it´s some kind of bad optimization of Opengl, I don´t know but it´s a huge difference, and I see no fixes in every new kernel update (I have been dealing with this issue for several months).
Before you say it: I already tried different versions of Nvidia drivers and it´s exactly the same, so it´s not Nvidia´s fault.
I encourage you all to try this, just run Citra in both 4.19 and 5.4 kernels and see the difference.
Any idea?.

Try set swappyness (can’t spell? :P) to


Native steam games works plenty with new kernels btw.

It didn´t solve it