What is trusted extension for downloading videos from webpage ?

There are a lot of extensions for Firefox and Chromium..., but which could I trust? I would like to hear something better than 'I used this and nothing happened yet'.

Dont' know about extensions, but why not just use youtube-dl ?
List of supported sites is here:


I would also recommend that. It can even be combined with "Open With" to launch from within Firefox.

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One which has plenty of votes and users on its addons/store page?

What are you expecting to hear? Someone saying "I spent six months performing a security audit of this extension's code and that six-month-old version was clean" ?

How do you decide to trust anything, generally, in life?

Use the same process with extensions.

I know it's generally ignored by people, but "common sense" is a great thing to use.


But @jonathon you know the old saying, "Common Sense is not a common virtue". That is why we have warning signs everywhere!

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No, just I noticed that often software is free and open-source and that's for a reason.

What do you intend to say here?

Opensource does not equal free.

Opensource means that the code can be inspected. Regardless of quality of code.

Freeware, freemium, malware masquerading as free, etc, does not equal opensource.

If it would be equal then I would say one word. But it's not so I said both.
I intended to say that the code can be inspected.