What is the terminal command to clean the build files of AUR that pamac is using?

Please, I am looking for the terminal command that allows me to clean the build files of AUR. I can clean them from the Pamac manager preferences but I would like to learn the terminal command instead.

Please check the image below that is taken from the Pamac manager for clarification.


I basically need to know what command get executed when I click the “Clean build files”.

Thanks in advance.

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pamac --help

there is the clean option but it cleans the pacman cache, not the AUR builds cache.

“Build Directory” is in your preferences image
/tmp/pamac or /var/tmp/pamac(default)

This button only remove files in this directory
Is the aur tab, but exits also a “dbs-($USER)” in this directory

pamac clean --build-files

is the command you are searching.

You can run:

pamac --help

but if you need specific help about the clean parameter then run:

pamac clean --help

for example.


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