What is the strategy when KDE Plasma 6 is released?

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I want to ask what the strategy is when KDE Plasma 6 is released next year.
Do manjaro make an Update in the stable branch short after the release or do we stay at Plasma 5.27.x for a while till the Version 6 is stable enough for the change?
I remember the drama on the first 5.0x versions and in my opinion we shout stay as long as possible a stable plasma 5.27.x

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Lately, many users pushed to have the KDE 5.25 update, despite it not being LTS and the Manjaro team warning of its instability.
So the update was pushed. And as expected, it wasn’t stable enough.

So my guess is: users will wait.

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Plasma 5.27 will first be released in early 2023
Track of the progress of porting Frameworks and Plasma to QT6

Source: Schedules/Plasma 6 - KDE Community Wiki

I don’t care about the year 2023. Sorry I was not clear enouth! Maybe it is 2024, that is not the point.
But how can the users stay at the version 5.27.x when in stable branch the version 6.x is pushed.
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Short version: you can’t.

Longer version:

It’s possible to install 5.27 with caveats. One of them being it will stop working sooner or later.



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you can’t

That is also my understanding. So the question is more to the manjaro team: when will they pusch the Version 6.x to the stable branch!

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I’m not part of the team, but im 99% sure it will be when Arch-Linux puts it in their stable branch, because Manjaro is using their packages as much as possible with small tweaks here and there as needed…

And Arch will only if the programmers of a program decide it is stable enough to call it a stable version :wink:


Last time (from 4.x to 5.x) both where available I believe. So they might do the same this time, so Plasma 5.27.X will be based on KF5 (which will likely not get feature updates) and Plasma 6.X will be based on KF6 packages. So the KF5 ones will likely get a package name change, like kwin-qt5.

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The question should be is there going to be a 5.27 Plasma release and if so will we be able to stay on it until we know 6.0 once it’s release is stable?


Like every other updates - when the snap is made there is no selection - it is a snap of current state to next next state bubbling up from unstable → testing → stable.


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