What is the right way to enable Wayland?

first of all i have a laptop(intel/nvidia);is it useless to even try?

looking around here and online,i see all kind of ways to enable wayland;

-here i see it’s as easy as installing “plasma-wayland-session” and choose it from the sddm.

-in the KDE site it’s also quit simple
they say “Make sure to have the Nvidia egl library installed”.i looked in pamac and found this package “egl-wayland”.is it the same?(do i also need “plasma-wayland-session”)
and apparently that’s all i need to do since " cat /sys/module/nvidia_drm/parameters/modeset" returns Y.

-and then there is a whole procedure i saw which includes:
installing both “plasma-wayland-session” “egl-wayland”,edit the MODULES in mkinitcpio.conf,edit grub,then echo "kwin_DRM_USE_EGL_STREAMS=1 >> .profile(which i’m not sure what it does).