What is the most trustworthy way to install software?

Hi Guys,

New to manjaro, but been reading a lot.
Is pamac GUI or #pamac install PACKAGENAME - the most trustworthy way to install software?
When software i want is not available with pamac, downloading from the official websites is the 2nd best way to go?

I won’t use Snapcraft, Flatpak, Flathub and AUR; as i read negative feedback on them.

pamac is developed by the Manjaro team, yet many users manage just as well with other managers.

What kind of feedback? Quite often, bad feedback i read here about those are because users don’t know how to use them correctly.

Though at the end of the day, you’re the only choosing what you want to use…

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I know.

At this point i’m after the most secure and official way/s to install software from Manjaro repos.
If the one i mentioned is the only one; i’m happy! :slight_smile:

I just want to confirm.
Manjaro is going to be my main Distro, for the long run! My next plan is to install privacy/security apps that parrot OS comes bundled with.

No. This is not Windows. Anyway, most GNU/Linux software developers do not provide compatible packages (.pkg.tar.zst). Mostly you’ll find only .deb and .rpm which are not compatible.

Then you’re stuck with only official repo packages.

You’ll find negative feedback on just about any subject. One must read both positive and negative things to form one’s own opinion.

Then you may as well install Parrot. You will not find all the packages they might include in our official repos.


Then you’re stuck with only official repo packages.

You’re from the manjaro team. I trust your experience with the OS.

Then you may as well install Parrot. You will not find all the packages they might include in our official repos.

I don’t want to use Parrot as my main OS. Manjaro is perfect for my web development and other general needs.
I might as well load Parrot in virtualbox for the things manjaro does not have.

Apart from the official repo packages what is the 2nd best way you advise to get software, to your knowledge?

I’ve just tried compiling my 1st app “LibreWolf” from source, and although it failed due to what seems a bug, the process was very straightforward!
Is this another safe way?

That’s up to personal preference. I use (and also maintain) many AUR packages. I do not use Snap or Flatpak at all.

Using the AUR has a higher learning curve, however installing everything with one package manager is the most optimal.

Snap and Flatpak are easier to install and update, especially for new users. For example, one can click to install them from our web Software Center and with Add/Remove Software (aka Pamac).

Another alternative are AppImages. I actually will use them from time to time if the source code isn’t available to build and package properly.

I suggest installing a precompiled binary package rather than building it from source.

Note: Since the librewolf version compiles the whole browser from source, the installation will take a long time. For a fast installation, librewolf-bin is recommended.

Arch Linux Installation – LibreWolf

There are also alternative binary packages such as an AppImage and a Flatpak.


pamac (gui or cli) or pacman.

Search this forum or the manjaro wiki about the update pre-step of pacman-mirrors to update the repos on your machine (var/lib/pacman/sync/). Also follow the Announcement - Stable topic (assuming Stable branch) either in the forum or RSS Feed.

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To answer the question

There is no trustworthy way to install software if you don’t trust the developer or the company behind.

If you don’t trust the vendor - you shouldn’t install the software whether it is in the official repo, custom build from AUR, a flatpak or snap.