What is the difference if I choose systemd to check the filesystem?


To hide fsck messages during boot, let systemd check the root filesystem. For this, replace udev hook with systemd:

HOOKS=( base systemd fsck )

What is the difference if I choose systemd to check the filesystem? As I have heard that there is much boycott against systemd, I don’t know if fsck is a better choice and if Manjaro is gradually tossing systemd out.

There can be no boycott from systemd - not in Manjaro
as it actually is the init system that is used

… what is it that you actually want to achieve?

… what is it that you actually want to achieve?

no switching to systemd and get rid of fsck messages

not possible (not easily)
as it IS the current init system

… you want the file system to be checked - but you don’t want the messages that that (rather important) task is actually being done to be displayed?

… you want “no feedback”?
no confirmation to be displayed …?

Yes, I just don’t want to see the messages. I want a clean startup.

mkay -
I don’t mind feedback
but if you do
doesn’t the approach that you linked to not work?

… you linked to it - but then you asked questions …

That works. But I am thinking about a solution without switching hooks.

I think maybe we are talking about mounting the filesystem as ro first and only initializing fsck if necessary? Or maybe just silent boot in general?
Anyhoo … heres the stuff.
(my system goes PowerOn > Black > Vendor Logo > Black > SDDM … unless I spam Esc for Grub.)


OK I think we are talking about silent boot

I am getting rid of fsck messages and watchdog messages.

There was that solution Stuck at Manjaro: clean, .../...files, .../...blocks when shutting down - #5 by omano you even already participated in the thread…

It isn’t systemd that does the fsck. Both are completely separate initcpio hooks. The systemd hook replaces the udev hook — and you should then for good measure also replace keytable by sd-vconsole — and the fsck hook tells the kernel to check your filesystems at boot time.

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