What is the difference between `buildiso`, `buildiso -x` and `buildiso -z`

What is the difference between buildiso, buildiso -x and buildiso -z

it says that:

-x                 Build images only
-z                 Generate iso only

What is the difference between build image and generate iso, Will it create some extra files if I do not add -x/-z?


It generates the squash images. These images contains the root filesystem and therefore the software.

Something like a WIM Image on Windows.

This will create a bootable iso image with the previous created squash images.

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So build a image means build a linux filesystem inside my conputer, and generate an ISO means to compress the linux filesystem to an ISO disk?

No exactly.

Build image means: create compressed and de-duplicated images of the virtual root filesystem, which I just created for the ISO.

Generate is means: Create a bootable ISO Image. (ISO Files are not compressed)