What is that? (a small tutorial)

Difficulty: ☆☆☆☆☆

This tutorial contains just a small trick…for the paranoid like me…
So, I like to keep a well performing system. What I do as first task is to start


Or htop. But…top is my one go to.


…to keep an eye on the heat of the CPU…
Of course, I’d love to know what connects to my system…


is next.
Then, I blast loose. Keeping an eye on the “meter”…the average system load.
And then…a strange name in the list of top! What is that?
The paranoid inclination in me panics…but the Linuxean starts


and finds the strange name…right “in service” of a program I myself started up…
“Paranoia” has an other name: questions…
“Answer” has an other name: Linux…
I love Linux… :wink:
:rose: Melissa :rose:


Instead of iftop, nethogs is much better. :slight_smile:

You’re ready to start using Conky.

Don’t be like me and skip straight to the settings but read the installation, configuration, … sections in their natural order.

Also if you want graphical “dials”, “progress bars”, and other eye candy, don’t pamac install conky, but pamac install conky-cairo instead.

(that took me a while to figure out)

Also, create your own conky.config from scratch as your system is different from any other system and using my config:

conky.config =
  console_bar_fill   = '»',
  console_bar_unfill = ' ',

  alignment = 'top_left',
  background = false,
  border_width = 2,
  cpu_avg_samples = 2,
  -- define Manjaro colours:
  default_color = '#1abc9c',  -- Same HTML as current terminal
  color1 = '#709080',         -- Kakhi
  color2 = '#dca3a3',         -- Salmon
  color3 = '#72d5a3',         -- Light Green
  color4 = '#f0dfaf',         -- Yellow
  color5 = '#7eb2e6',         -- Metal blue
  color6 = '#a45ec1',         -- Light aubergine
  font   = 'Envy Code R:bold:size=8',
  default_outline_color = '#1abc9c',  -- Same HTML as current terminal
  default_shade_color = '#1abc9c',  -- Same HTML as current terminal
  double_buffer = true,
  draw_borders = false,
  draw_graph_borders = true,
  draw_outline = false,
  draw_shades = false,
  extra_newline = false,
  gap_x = 25,
  gap_y = 25,
  minimum_height = 200,
  minimum_width = 200,
  net_avg_samples = 2,
  no_buffers = true,
  out_to_console = false,
  out_to_ncurses = false,
  out_to_stderr = false,
  out_to_x = true,
  own_window = true,
  own_window_class = 'Conky',
  own_window_type = 'normal',
  own_window_transparent = false,
  -- set transparency:
  own_window_argb_visual = true, own_window_argb_value = 100,
  show_graph_range = false,
  show_graph_scale = false,
  stippled_borders = 0,
  update_interval = 2.0,
  uppercase = false,
  use_spacer = 'none',
  use_xft = true,
  lua_load = '~/.config/conky/MyFunctions.lua',
  lua_draw_hook_post = "main",
conky.text = [[
${color}Info:${color1} ${scroll 32 $nodename $kernel}
${color}Uptime    :${color1} $uptime
${color}Frequency :${color1} $freq ${color}MHz
#${color}RAM Usage :${color1} ${lua conky_RoundUp ${mem} }/${lua conky_RoundUp ${memmax} } ${membar 4}
${color}RAM Usage :${color1} ${mem}/${memmax} ${membar 4}
#${color}Swap Usage:${color1} ${lua conky_RoundUp ${swap} }/${lua conky_RoundUp ${swapmax} } ${swapbar 4}
${color}Swap Usage:${color1} ${swap}/${swapmax} ${swapbar 4}
${color}CPU Usage :${color1} $cpu% ${cpubar 4}
${color}Processes :${color1} $processes  ${color}Load:${color1} $loadavg
${color}Name                 CPU%   MEM%   PID
${color1} ${top name 1} ${color2} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1} ${top pid 1}
${color1} ${top name 2} ${color2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2} ${top pid 2}
${color1} ${top name 3} ${color2} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3} ${top pid 3}
${color1} ${top name 4} ${color2} ${top cpu 4} ${top mem 4} ${top pid 4}
${color}File systems:
${color} /           ${color1}${fs_used /}/${fs_size /} ${fs_bar 6 /}
${color} /home       ${color1}${fs_used /home}/${fs_size /home} ${fs_bar 6 /home}
${color} /media/Data ${color1}${fs_used /media/Data}/${fs_size /media/Data} ${fs_bar 6 /media/Data}\
# Don't show NAS if not mounted
${if_existing /media/NAS/home/}
${color} /media/NAS  ${color1}${fs_used /media/NAS}/${fs_size /media/NAS} ${fs_bar 6 /media/NAS}${endif}
# Networking section will not show anything if no NICS are up
# Will show speed and graph per NIC if they are up
${if_existing /sys/class/net/enp3s0/operstate up}${color}Ethernet
${color}Down: ${color1}${downspeed enp3s0}s ${alignr}${color}Up: ${color1}${upspeed enp3s0}/s
${downspeedgraph enp3s0 50,200 dca3a3 ffffff -l -t} ${alignr}${color1}${upspeedgraph enp3s0 50,200 dca3a3 ffffff -l -t}
${color}Total: ${color1}${totaldown enp3s0} ${alignr}${color}Total: ${color1}${totalup enp3s0}
${endif}${if_existing /sys/class/net/wlp2s0/operstate up}${color}WiFi
${color}Down: ${color1}${downspeed wlp2s0}/s ${alignr}${color}${color}Up: ${color1}${upspeed wlp2s0}/s
${downspeedgraph wlp2s0 50,200 dddddd ffffff -l -t} ${alignr}${color1}${upspeedgraph wlp2s0 50,200 dddddd ffffff -l -t}
${color}Total: ${color1}${totaldown wlp2s0} ${alignr}${color}Total: ${color1}${totalup wlp2s0}${endif}
${color} ISA     ${color1}${exec sensors | awk ' /Package/ {print $4}'}${alignr}${alignr}${color}CPU     ${color1}${exec sensors | grep 'Core 0' | awk '{print $3}'}
${color} ACPI    ${color1}${exec sensors | grep --after-context=2 'acpitz' | awk 'FNR ==3 {print $2}'}${alignr}${color}WiFi    ${color1}${exec sensors | grep --after-context=2 'ath10k' | awk 'FNR ==3 {print $2}'}
${color} GPU     ${color1}+${exec nvidia-settings --query=gpucoretemp 2>/dev/null | grep 'GPUCoreTemp' | grep "\[gpu:0\]" | awk '{print $4}'}0°C
${color} SSD     ${color1}+${hddtemp /dev/sda}.0°C${alignr}${color}HDD     ${color1}+${hddtemp /dev/sdc}.0°C
${color2}${execgraph "sensors | grep 'Core 0' | awk '{print $3}' | cut -b2,3"}

Will very probably not give you something like this:


  • your Ethernet and WiFi ports are probably not called enp3s0 and wlp2s0,
  • you won’t necessarily have hddtemp installed
  • have the /media/Data mountpoint.
  • etc.

But Conky is extremely customizable and can even do stuff like this:

(Not a screenshot of my system: I’m not smart enough to do the above (yet) :man_shrugging:



is that display on all (four) desktops?

On my system it isn’t because I don’t like that, but you can change that by changing own_window = true to false. Then it’ll draw directly to your desktop background and become visible on all of them (6 in my case)



conky-cairo is in AUR…that’s why I could’nt find it :rofl:

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