What is "Official repositories (community)"?

Is “community” software taken from Arch community repo? Not the AUR, but:
" community

This repository can be found in .../community/os/ on your favorite mirror.

community contains packages that have been adopted by Trusted Users from the Arch User Repository. Some of these packages may eventually make the transition to the core or extra repositories as the developers consider them crucial to the distribution."
If someone converts from Arch to Manjaro, will such software receive updates?

For most yes.

Normally yes.

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The way I tend to explain it, the “community” repository is for just that: packages maintained by the community, by volunteers, because they want to, for the love of it. Not necessarily by the Manjaro team.


Although Manjaro is not Arch, it’s Stablle repositories are “aligned”:

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The vast majority of our packages come from Arch, and thus arent exactly maintained by Manjaro either.
Manjaro packages can be seen by the maintainer line of package information and seen at the gitlab.
If it isnt one of those packages, then its functioning the same way it does on Arch - simply put through our ‘curation’ or ‘Branch’ repository system.
(and then beyond that you of course have AUR or other 3rd party repos)


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