What is Manjaro Forum Software?

Hey guys, what’s up?

I really like our forum, it’s so pretty, organized and clean. I’ve seen very similar forums apps like ours, but I’ve never found the name of this forum software. Does anyone know the name of the software behind our forum?

I’m a member from GUJ ( A brazilian developer’s forum) and we use a forum very similar to. I hope it’s open source or free to use.

Peace! :love_you_gesture:

Discourse is 100% free, open source software. Forever.


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Thanks a lot! It’ll help me a lot with a project! :clap:

Great :slight_smile:
I’m sure it would be fun to see what you end up doing with it, so let us know.

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It wasn’t all that pretty here when the forums first switched over to Discourse. Many of us whinged and wiped our eyes from the glare, until @jonathon re-worked the back end.

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Or submitted to the “permisions” of stylish.

Again thanks @jonathon! :wink:


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