What is Build option in the appstore and why it takes so long

i have used linux mint for a long time now
its my first try on any arch based distro

i have one small doubt
why do some apps in the appstore have a build option at their side
and why do they take 10-20 minutes toinstall even when they have so small size

i have noticed that apps that have install button on their side seem to download and install a lot more faster than those with build

can someone plz explain me what is this build option?and why is it so slow??

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Install button will download prebuilt binaries of packages and just extract it to your user directory. This process is faster and much easier. Build on the other hand, will download sources, build it according to your machine and os, then extract it to your user directory. That is a much more flexible option to install packages as it is compiled to provide the best possible performance and paching according to your os and hardware. But as it is built on your machine, it will take a long time to install. Building from source is a good habit for packages you will use everyday as it will give you the best possible performance according to your pc. If you didn’t quite get what i was trying to say, or want to know more about it, then tell me. :nerd_face:

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What you call the app store is the Pamac package manager.
When you see the list of packages you have three lines of text

  1. First the package name, version and package release
  2. Second generic description from appstream database
  3. Third the repo containing the package or the build script

In the Pamac package manager it is possible to enable Arch User Repository (not the default)

When you have AUR enabled then the third line reads AUR - and the Install option changes to a Build option. If a package is from AUR then it is not a package but a set of instructions which tells the package manager how to retrieve the source and how to create a pacman package.


Thnx i understood now
thnx linux-aarhus and nazibalalam

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Sure! Just ask me for help anytime you want. I see youre also a student like me!

yep thats the brocode of students
thnx bro :sunglasses:

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Also see: Arch User Repository - Manjaro

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