What has happened to the Manjaro IRC community?

When I first started using Manjaro, I would sometimes go to the #Manjaro IRC channel on Freenode for help or advice. It used to be a very active environment, friendly and helpful. That seems to have all changed now.

I’ve visited the channel quite a few times over the last couple of months, and it is absolutely dead. There is usually about 150 or more people in the channel, but nobody speaks. Everything is met with dead silence. There’s honestly no point in going there anymore. It’s such a shame that it has changed so drastically.


I just saw this: Freenode IRC network, hostile takeover?.

HHHHmmmm, interesting…per this Vice article, the same person is a cofounder of shells.com, which recently many distros have announced partnerships.

Yes but that’s very recent, I don’t think that’s the cause. Probably won’t help though. I guess the people that used to talk and help people on the channel must have moved on. It’s such a shame. The community was so alive and welcoming and helpful before, and now it’s just dead.

EDIT: The IRC community I mean.

The Manjaro Matrix community seems fairly healthy, from what I can tell.

Not on IRC.

That’s true. Matrix is not IRC. However, it seems to aim to achieve the same kind of connectivity and network system as IRC, while supporting some modern features and being easier to develop for.

Matrix? What’s that?

So that’s where everyone went?

I’m not sure, but it seems like where everyone might go. It’s explained pretty well on its website: https://matrix.org/

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Do you have to pay anything to connect? Is there a central Manjaro hub on it for free?

I had a look, and I don’t like the look of it at all.

there’s matrix-irc bridge software, no reason the two can’t be joined

Those are all Arch users with BNC connections ─ I’m not kidding ─ and they’ve probably already long forgotten they’re in there, not to mention that there’s probably also no good reason why they’ve decided to park in there in the first place.


No. Matrix is a free and open source protocol, with many clients and servers.

The #manjaro:matrix.org room is on the Matrix.org home server, which is the largest server out there.
There are also multiple other rooms related to Manjaro on it, like for some languages and off-topic, gaming etc.

Try irc.libera.chat and then:
/msg alis LIST *manjaro*

The only thing about this is there are no ops in the manjaro chanel. Have they not found it yet?