What Hardrive scanning software supports resume after hibernation?

i have a whole bunch of drives to be scanned and i dont want to leave them on over night.

i noticed HDsentinal allows for resume after hibernation but it needs to be bought i dont have the money for that just yet

i was looking at Gsmartcontrol and i couldn’t find any answers. I dont see any info on Badblocks either

OR alternatively whats the best way to go about this? i would be basically using laptop with external Sata Drive and scanning for the day but i have at least 4 drives that are 8TB or bigger and as you know scanning to see if the drives takes time


Scanning a device for errors in the file system is not a process you put to sleep. It is process which is started - and the process takes the time the process takes.

Don’t put your system to sleep midway - you will loose the result and have to start over.

ok thats a pity.

i guess ill have to move the laptop to another room