What happens if I run out of ram in my case?

So I was just starting to work with intelij ideea With java and the java managed to use 2 gb ram

Should I consider buying 8 gb more in the future?
Like I’m kinda worried to the outcome of not having swap(my bad when I installed it and ran home without thinking too much):

no - but yes if you are willing to put up the money

but even then - why not just add swap?

That is easily remedied:
create (and then use) a swap file.

I … Don’t know how to , I’m kinda new to manjaro

Never did it , and I don’t get it from the official arch page :frowning:

With what page, with what instructions, are you struggling with?

It’s a file, of a certain size, initialized as swap space, and then added to /etc/fstab …

there is always a first time :wink:

Try reading this: Swap - Manjaro

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Here’s what I’m not getting:

So here where it said /swapfile

Do I have to change the name/format ? Or is this ok ?

That’s what I’m not fully understanding

And is dev/zero okay ? Like the filepath may differ between usernames

That is simply the name of the file
You can name it /bitbucket or /ramsupplement or whatever you like best

Definitely not!

That is a device file that provides as many zeroes as you may want.
Not at all even nearly similar to a swap file - which supplements your RAM

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So …

It has to be username/zero I guess?

thanks for taking time to explain

In my case cristi/zero since cristi should be the username

it has to be:

the / denotes the root directory, the “swapfile” is the name of the file

It’s the location of the file.

your username has got nothing to do with it and has no business here

just follow the guide - no need to adapt it


Ok thanks, so dev/zero is the right syntax

are you pulling my (and others) leg?


and it has got nothing to do with swap

ahh, I see - you tried to read and dissect the dd command that is used to create that file …


Neh, is late at night, I’ll watch a YouTube tutorial perhaps tomorrow…

I guess is kinda too late for my head to work properly , I had a long day

Don’t take it personally :relaxed:

… don’t

just follow that very simple written guide

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Sorry A little OT, I know.

I don’t get why people have to watch YouTube tutorials… they are mostly unhelpful, as you the viewer are mostly passive, and the process depends on a good active internet connection to stream the Video.

Second most good written tutorials have the important bits… the bits you actually need to type in… available as copy/paste.

So if you follow the Written tutorial you will almost invariably achieve the result you want.

::End Rant::


You might have got mixed information between swapfile and zram-generator (that by the way, uses /dev/zram and probably is the easiest way to enable swap on your system just by installing the package), but on the other hand, the wiki was pointed out is quite straight forward and requires NO INTERPRETATION. You can copy and paste the set of commands and end up having it working.

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well a system with 16GB RAM should be the state-ot-the-art nowadays, even with linux (except using some special derivates).
and 32GB RAM are very comfortable and the prices are still affordable (who knows what the inflation will bring in future)