What happens if I install runtime org.kde.Platform/x86_64/6.5 on Manjaro Gnome

Hello! Sorry if this sounds dumb.

I am fairly new to using Manjaro and I have never tried Gnome.

I want to install CorkHQ, and when I try to install with Flatpak, It tells me this:

“The application io.github.bugadinho.Corky/x86_64/master requires the runtime org.kde.Platform/x86_64/6.5 which was not found”

I was going to install it but then I saw KDE in the name, So I decided against it. I am scared that it will break everything if I install something KDE on a Gnome.

Is it safe to install it?

Really sorry if I am stupid…

Hello @AzureSkyed :wink:

If you are scared, then don’t install it. Inform yourself beforehand.

You didn’t say from where you install it, but from the naming it sounds like a flatpak. In that case this runtime is only used by flatpak applications and not global.

Yes, I’m pretty sure It is a Flatpak.

If it is only used by flatpak that means it’s totally fine to go ahead and install it right?

Thank you for your time.