What happened to the torrent downloads on Manjaro-Xfce 21x


I just wanted to download the latest Manjaro-Xfce torrent, but on the download page it says torrent download isn’t available. That unfortunate, because I run torrent seeds for software I’m using. So, I would like to add the latest Manjaro-Xfce standard and minimal to it.

What’s the reasoning behind the decision to remove torrents?


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They are not removed, they are just not there for version 21. Older images have torrents. I guess they just forgot to add them :smiley:

Ah…right. That might actually the case. I keep an I on it. Thanks for your response.

@philm @codesardine please provide a torrent for 21.0

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@Chrysostomus @oberon

I’ll second that. Have transmission running for seeding - but no peers anymore

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The torrents are back. Thanks @philm .