What happened to the dark theme?


I am on Firefox v. 112-0 and when I open the Forum dark theme is gone its all white.
I tried to switch to Manjaro Dark 2 Material Theme, but it looks ugly.
What happened to the nice dark theme from yesterday :slight_smile: and how can I change to it ??
I don’t know what its called :man_shrugging:

Someone help, am going blind with this white stuff … :slight_smile:

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Still here for me :woman_shrugging:


The legacy Dark theme has been disabled as it has been deprecated for a very long time. It’s missing content like the footer links present in the current Material theme.

Manjaro Dark2 Material Theme is still there.

Will you enable it back sometimes in the future ??

Problem for me is that the provided dark theme is a sore to the eye. The other one was better for me, and the base of my whole forum theme modification (with browser extension).

Please let us have it back. It will at least avoid me, and all the others who were already doing that, to redo a whole forum theme in browser extension.

I don’t like the Manjaro green themeing. Previous theme was better in my opinion.

I’m throwing my hat in here as a ‘wish we still had that’ too.
Its what I used… the colors feel nicer… less distracting elements on the page and theres less space wasted.
When this was done in the past users shared css snippets to augment it until the decision was reversed and we regained the original dark theme.
Those older forums are gone now … but I was able to find one of the old .scss files …
I’ll leave it here in case its [still] useful in some way (i havent taken a swing yet).


My “Dark Mode” custom theme was 333 lines long. I’m looking forward doing it all again…


PS: problem is that the old snippets (and old customization in the various extensions) we did are not compatible anymore, we have to do it all again.

PS2: maybe enable it again and modify its name to make it clear it is unsupported.

Yeah I just looked in and started seeing some deprecated values.
Somewhat OT but this was kinda interesting:

e FetchEvent for "https://forum.manjaro.org/stylesheets/discourse-fingerprint_db58fe33554f1677bd9b49dfc71df1cec8d48b99.css?__ws=forum.manjaro.org" resulted in a network error response: the promise was rejected.
NetworkFirst.mjs:167 Uncaught (in promise) no-response: no-response :: [{"url":"https://forum.manjaro.org/stylesheets/discourse-fingerprint_db58fe33554f1677bd9b49dfc71df1cec8d48b99.css?__ws=forum.manjaro.org"}]
    at a.makeRequest (https://forum.manjaro.org/javascripts/workbox/workbox-strategies.prod.js:1:2145)

Apparently Ive burnt off my fingertips. Yay I guess. :sweat_smile:

Sorry about that, guys. I’ve just restored Dark as well as Light and enabled the missing footers. :grinning:


OMG I don’t believe it, I thought I wrote another whining post but it actually worked.

Thanks! :pray: :+1:

Hey, I like dark themes, too. I use automatic dark mode at sunset.

Now, I don’t want to hear anyone say Manjaro doesn’t listen to user feedback. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Care to share it?
Maybe they can adjust the theme to what you made it for all to use :wink:

These custom overrides are not good to make it a theme and it is my personal modification, for my taste, I nitpicked each element and changed it instead of doing global color changes, this would be a pain to work from that mess made over the course of multiple years, and I don’t think Manjaro team is going to create a Discourse theme anyway.

The 2 newer Materia ones are manjaro-made discourse themes, as far as I know.

PS. Im very happy with the (mostly) classic theme(s) being restored … but I noticed that it uses blue highlights. I still prefer using this one … but it would be nice to get that back to a teal or green.

EDIT. Oh look its been done. Thank you kind paint gremlin. :cake:

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