What happened to Manjaro Pantheon?

Hello all,

I really wanted to know the status of the development of Manjaro Pantheon (Community). Has it been abandoned? It’s not listed on this page:

and on GitHub, it was last modified in October 2015, whereas the others alongside it (Budgie, Gnome) were both modified in 2016 with the arrival of Manjaro 16.06 ( Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/manjarodev/files/users/Ste74/ )

Personally, I think the combo of Pantheon and Manjaro is amazing: Pantheon is gorgeous and Manjaro is powerful yet newbie-friendly. Deepin is similar, but Pantheon still looks better, is much lighter and currently Deepin suffers from memory leak issues which make it even heavier than it already is.

(So I really hope it is still being developed!)

From what I read what Stefano was posting, Pantheon was always painful to set up that it somehow works at all.

Pantheon’s development will depend on elementary’s developers, and their base is Ubuntu LTS, which is a non-rolling fixed base.

I’m guessing only, but I can imagine that with Manjaro being rolling, its updated (gnome? gtk3?) packages might gradually leave Pantheon’s behind. So unless the person packaging Pantheon for AUR/Manjaro wants to do elementary’s work for them and keep Pantheon working with updated packages, Pantheon in Manjaro may not work after a while.


Hi @svm… drop pantheon not in my plan … i continue at maintain the profile to be sure that if someone wants to build alone can do it . if you run manjaro you can build an iso with our tools easy … What @wongs say is true pantheon based on ubuntu lts and elementary team are very slooww to follow gnome ( gtk ) , also @eugen-b have true , an update can destroy wingpanel or slingscold . Pantheon iso at now can’t be released in stable version and this is the reason because not appear on download page . If you see on manjaro-tools-profile repo and navigate to pantheon profile you see a readme file , add this to inform user of that : profile is based only in our unstable repository. A time ago write on launchpad on elementary repo why the support for arch is hard for elementary team but nothing answer me :pensive:

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@Ste74 @wongs @eugen-b Ah, I see. Well, thanks for clearing that up guys!

Also, couple of other questions, if I may.

I saw this ( https://github.com/linuxdeepin/developer-center/issues/100 ) according to which the daemon memory leak in Deepin has been resolved in deepin-daemon 3.0.16-3 , so I wanted to know if this version of the daemon has been implemented and is available on Manjaro Deepin 16.06.1?

And lastly, out of Deepin (with no memory leaks) and Gnome, which is lighter and by how much? (Is there a significant difference?)

Deepin memory leak not fixed yet but about to. Deepin is lighter for me by roughly 200MB on idle if i don´t install all that Gnome stuff. YMMV though, i can make Gnome start with 300MB as well as with 700MB. And that´s Gnome apps (especially Evolution), nothing else.

manjaro Pantheon is not even listed on the iso download page on SourceForge, where even PekWM is listed.


Manjaro Pantheon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH7KYmGnj40

@Veraendert3.0 So is Deepin lighter?

Basically, I wanted to know that, like the way XFCE and LXDE are universally considered lighter than stuff like GNOME and KDE, can Deepin(after the memory leak has been fixed) and GNOME be compared and one be declared lighter than the other?

For me, Deepin is lighter than Gnome (albeit heavier than Xfce). But it really depends on what you install. Full blown Gnome comes with Evolution and that one is quite heavy. So if you install it in Deepin, too, there might not be much difference left.

You can try also budgie … it start around 200mb… Budgie is opposite at elementary team … the development are really fast :slight_smile:


Budgie is great. I’d recommend it over Deepin any time.


Plank used to work on the first Manjaro Budgie, probably some kind of hotcorners can be installed, too. What to use instead of Slingcold, @Ste74 ? And then you have Pantheon but one level below the Olymp.
PS: Budgie can start with 225MB RAM.

In budgie iso is already present brightside and skippy-xd modified , is not the aur version … For slingcold effect in aur i have upload slingcold but not tested if work in budgie , otherwise

is in aur but also no tested

I have budgie installed as a second DE to my XFCE DE in Manjaro. Compiz (which I installed for my XFCE session) continues to work just fine when I log into budgie so that takes care of my hotcorners and “display all windows” functions.

Hey everyone, sorry for the late response(was a bit caught up with some stuff) and thanks for all the help!

Hmm, so Deepin and GNOME are both almost equally heavy and Budgie is lighter and better(?) than them both.

Also, if I understand correctly, Pantheon can be pretty much replicated via

Budgie + [Plank + Compiz + RapidLauncher + “x”] - [“y”]

where “x” are the applications other than those I mentioned which I will need to install
and “y” are the packages that I may(?) need to uninstall from the Budgie system for it to truly resemble Pantheon

So, please help me determine what “x” and “y” would be?

Thanks so much!

But Ste74 just said a few posts up that Manjaro-Budgie has brightside + skippy-xd pre-installed. That will already take care of hot-corners and expose if you install that community spin directly, without the need for Compiz.

I had Compiz for hot-corners/expose, because I use that anyway with my Manjaro XFCE installation. Budgie-desktop is just my secondary DE installed on top of the XFCE release.

Budgie is never going to exactly resemble Pantheon anyway, since the former has the right side panel. So what you have already suggested - except for Compiz - should be ok.

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