What happened to Manjaro Deepin?


I wanted to give it another try.
Though… I noticed it went missing from the downloads sections.
Is it temporarily or permanently gone and or removed?


The website has been reworked and only Official editions are directly available in the Downloads page. I’m pretty sure it’s just temporary and it’ll eventually come back on the website. Some are available on the website (remove “Flagship”), but Deepin seems not to be here.

Still on OSDN though.

The lastest ISO for Deepin is a bit old, you’ll have to go through a pretty big system upgrade after installation.


Yeah… I actually happened to have noticed to that earlier before I noticed your reply and answer to me.
Also, that made me wonder: Is development temporarily stopped/stalled or something?
It appears that Deepin 18 is still stuck in its 4th beta and still no 18 stable release yet. So, yeah. Just made wonder if it’s still being developed and worked on or not.


Only @oberon can tell for sure.


The community editions are worked on by members of the community and get updated as they have time available to work on them.

There are several community editions available on the downloads page. You need to deselect “flagship editions”





There are currently problems with Deepin desktop on the unstable branch with the latest qt update. So although stable is still working fine I would like to see first what the deal is there.
I am reluctant to release a fresh install media and then having to struggle with the first update - if you see what I mean … :wink:
So - a little more patience with that edition for 18.0 please - stay tuned!


I like where Deepin desktop development is going with all its nice looking software and I also like Manjaro. If I don’t get a stable Deepin Manjaro release then I’ll have to stick with Deepin OS and their servers suck big time. I can’t deal with their slowness. So I’m really looking forward to this release.


You can also use manjaro architect to install manjaro deepin with the latest updates and kernel 4.19


There’s always Reborn OS – an Antergos fork with some extra bells and whistles and good support for Deepin DE (plus a bunch of other DEs).

Deepin DE is up to date on Reborn. All the Arch-iness your accustomed to, and such.


update: a current Manjaro-Deepin ISO now finally looks ready to go.
I will upload the minimal version today, the full version tonight or tomorrow.


Where can I download lastest Deepin?


There are links in the announcement post Manjaro-Deepin 18.0.2 released


I just installed Deepin on an Asus Z77 motherboard with Nvidia GTX 650TI GPU. One quick question about QT5. There are four QT applications on the launcher. Are they somehow interrelated to the desktop environment? QT assistant does not launch an application and help files on the others is missing. After launching three of them I noticed the next boot the launcher menu went from the icon view to text view and would not go back until I booted again.