What does version number x in 0.0.0-x mean?

for example, today unstable branch updated kwin-5.25.0-2, but KDE only release 5.25.0 and 5.25.1 will be released until 2022-06-21 (Schedules/Plasma 5 - KDE Community Wiki). so what is the difference between 5.25.0-1 and 5.25.0-2

It’s release number: pkgrel

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no I mean what will change technically between different pkgrels?

Sometimes it is just rebuild against new version of dependience libs, sometimes backend fix patch before official release. Depends.
Changelog is here:

Arch Linux devs using Github now (in past own svn)


other sample


Maintainer rebuild KDE packages against new Qt.


The first three numbers are given by the actual developer of the program. In Arch/Manjaro, the number is given by the maintainer of the package.

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