What does it means for Dark-reader being avilable through Pamac?

it’s a browser add-on,
so if i install it from Pamac,where does it go(install)?


pamac info dark-reader                                           ✔ 
Nome                            : dark-reader
Versão                          : 4.9.32-1
Descrição                       : Inverts brightness of web pages and aims to
                                  reduce eyestrain while browsing the web
                                  (unpacked webextension)
URL                             : https://darkreader.org/
Licenças                        : MIT
Repositório                     : community
Tamanho instalado               : 1,7 MB
Criar dependências              : npm strip-nondeterminism
Empacotador                     : Daniel M. Capella <polyzen@archlinux.org>
Data de construção              : 21/04/2021
Assinaturas                     : Sim


T+ = See you later

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It’ll be installed under /usr somewhere.

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If installed you can locate it in Pamac then click Files

A great script utilizing fzf and pacman file database (pacman -Fy)


i looked in Pamac and this would be the files location


but what i was trying to understand is;
does it get installed as a browser add-on,or as an OS app that somewhat integrate and affect the browsing in Firefox?

and why would i want to install it from Pamac instead of doing it through:

i just checked and Noscript is also available in Pamac,so that’s new to me that add-ons are available there.
what’s the difference then,and is one method preferred?

It gets installed as as a system-wide browser add-on.

Because if you install it from Mozilla’s site, then it’ll be installed in your home directory and it will only work in your user account.

UNIX is a multiuser system, remember? :wink:

Always use the package from the repository (or from the AUR) when available. :wink:

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so you’re saying that if a specific add-on is available in Pamac,it would be better to get it from there instead of the Firefox website?

also,i think i prefer having it installed for a specific user instead off system wide.

That is correct. :slight_smile:

Why? Just because it’s installed system-wide doesn’t mean that other user accounts have to use it too. It’s just that it’s available to them out-of-the-box, and that they must enable it themselves in their browser settings.

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why would it be better getting it from Pamac instaed of the firefox site?
is it that it’s better integrated with the system?
i looked at the Noscript version,and the one i have is newer than the one in Pamac.


Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better. Besides, the version in the AUR may be newer than the one in the normal repository, so you can always install that.

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that’s a new concept to me,
i didn’t think add-ons are were related to the OS, but a FF related program.


They’re not related to the operating system in any way, but you are obviously a Windows user, and Windows was built upon the single-user paradigm.

GNU/Linux, like all UNIX systems, was built upon the multiuser paradigm, whereby the user accounts should be seen as satellites around the operating system, and the operating acts as a centralized resource from which every user takes what they need in terms of available tools.

Another tenet of UNIX is that it’s one big toolbox, in which there is no distinction between operating system and application software. In UNIX, all applications merely become extensions of the operating system ─ more tools for the user.

UNIX is an integrating computer operating system, whereas Microsoft Windows maintains a clear separation between the system and its applications, and this is because Microsoft Windows was designed along the corporate/commercial mindset of individual companies supplying individual products. If you’ve ever taken a look inside that abomination called the Windows Registry, then you will have seen this very clearly. :wink:

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