what do you think about Tromanjaro?

Hi! i was checking news and i founf tromanjaro, looks like a good distro based on manjaro
i think i going to probe it at least
i keep reading urs comments

I'd recommend Yorper's Cleanjaro if you want a "cleaner" Manjaro, or SGS and LibreWish's Garuda if you want something much closer to Arch.


yes, manjaro is enough for me, just need a little things more to install and adjust
i suposse the tromanjaro have a flavor in xfce4 too but if its only gnome for me its doesnt worth .. i like too much xfce4

You can rule out cleanjaro it is discontinued. I suggest we should not recommend it anymore, as I think there will be no more updates:

I will open an additional topic to inform potential users here that it is discontinued. I do not know why Yorper did not inform others before they left the forum.


Existing systems will still work as it's still Manjaro "under the hood". But yes, it's a bit of a shame. :frowning_face:

Yes, but especially the kernels will not receive any updates otherwise, which will cause breakages and security issues.

Regarding Tromjaro, I think it was discussed here it some point and I think @tiotrom is one of the founders.

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Yes it is true, I created TROMjaro because I wanted a more "simple" version of Manjaro + to reflect what our 9 years old project stands for. Our main aim is to not install or promote what we call ss trade-based applications/packages. In other words, packages (say "apps") that ask something from the user like money, cryptocurrencies, data, attention (ads), and such. We think that's a very bad incentive. That's the main difference here and we curated hundreds of "apps" in our app center on our website - and also made it super easy for users to install these "apps" from the website (one click install).

On top of that we added a different theme, different icon pack that we also help design, did a bunch of tweaks to the desktop and to Firefox. It is a customized Manjaro and we always make it very obvious that is as such. We try to keep it as simple and clean as possible.

We had some "arguments" with Manjaro's dev here on this forum and I think some of the threads about TROMjaro were removed. It is unfortunate but maybe part of the fault was also mine, when at times I may have been too harsh with Manjaro. In any case, TROMjaro is very active and keeps on working on multiple devices as we tested it. If anyone wants to give it a try, please do let us know what you think of it and I'd like to see Manjaro embracing our project as one of the spins and put aside (as I am) any past "differences", if they think they exist.

I've also seen that Matti is going to release an improved Manjaro Gnome soon, which looks exciting Testers needed for the Gnome 20.0 release - I am happy to see him work on the Gnome version - I've talked to him a few times over private messages here on the forum.


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