What can I do to help usability/UX projects in Manjaro XFCE?

Just installed Manjaro XFCE for a home theater PC, and while everything is working now, it has taken a few days to sort out.

So my question is how do I provide feedback, insight or use cases for usability for Manjaro XFCE?

Certain things required scripts, chmod, etc., that weren’t well documented, i.e., changing LightDM-gtk-greeter font size.

Thanks for all the work for this distro.

Welcome to the forum!

Well, we do have a #site-feedback category. :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply @Aragorn , but I guess I’m asking as a newbie to the Manjaro environment (and couldn’t get my answers through scrolling through this forum), where do I start?

The #site-feedback category seems quite technical to me.

If I could provide an example: I wanted to change the clock format on my desktop, but I had to Google the syntax, play around with capital letters, put underscores to ignore leading zeroes, etc. I’d like to tell/describe to the maintainer, how people like myself would like to interact with a widget that does all that for you. I’m not saying we make it Windows-like, but it needs to be more human-usable?

Hope that makes sense!

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Well, those things are not Manjaro-specific, so your best bet would be to contact the upstream developers of ─ in your case ─ XFCE. :arrow_down:


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