What browser do you use?

On my first few installs of Manjaro i3-wm edition I always installed chromium and firefox right off the bat.

This time I clicked on a link on my first install which opened a website up in palemoon. It seems like it has faster start time, and after reading a bit I found it’s a fork(?) of firefox. Interesting stuff.

What browser are you using?


Many threads already about browsers. Me just stuck in Old fart habits with Firefox.


I used firefox first. Then Chrome when it first was released long ago. And now, a week or so ago, switched back to firefox so I could get rid of the last AUR package I was using. Everything is now from the main repo. :smiley:

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…there are many options. if you have enough ram, install the one you (and your machine) like most. @Orbmiser gave you some choices. I prefer chromium and opera, because they always work for me. Don´t care on 3sec boot time on first load. Use the one that gives you less problems.The main repo is to prefer as @CykloTronic86 mentioned.

Palemoon is installed by default on the i3-wm version. Anyone know if it comes pre-installed on other versions of manjaro?

There was a discussion to use palemoon on the new LXDE Community Edition. Firefox won the poll afterall Default Software POLLS for Manjaro LXDE edition! VOTE!, and that was my preferable choice too because even though palemoon is lighter in terms of RAM comparing to firefox, it has bad performance on html video playback and it’s lacking some features too IMO.


What AUR package did Chromium require?

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I said Chrome, not Chromium. But if I where to use chromium, I’d still have to add pepperflash/widevine from the AUR for Netflix. Firefox supports netflix and Netflix now finally also supports firefox on linux, so it was the more logical choice. I don’t watch tv much, so I don’t have cable tv. However to watch the occasional tv show and movie, netflix is a necessity for me, because there aren’t really alternatives available in my country.



Only Chrome. Need it to be able to watch TV fro my cable company.
Plus it is fast, with some adons it is simply the best browser.


Meh. I use to have chromium and or chrome at various times. Now just Vivaldi.
It has Everything Chrome does without the Google tentacles.


Always have used palemoon.


[quote=“deadguy, post:9, topic:21321, full:true”]
[/quote]i would use if it had add ons

but i use google chrome for now

For a long time I used Chromium, but a couple of weeks ago I installed Inox from AUR. It took a lot of time and RAM to compile. I like it. It is a stripped down version of Chromium, without sending all kinds of info to Google.


I have a massive amount of bookmarks organized through folders/sub-folders, I’ve yet to see a bookmark organizer comparable to Firefox’s. That and extensions.

Chromium does not send any info to Google.
Chromium is not Chrome.

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That does not mean Chromium is “Google-free”. You can look at Inox AUR page and see how many patches are needed to disable sending information to Google.


Do not agree. Tried Vivaldi and I could NOT watch TV using it.
Plus your remark about safety is a laugh as well. Do you really believe that when you use another browser than the Google browser they don’t spy on you? Have you ever seen what sites are downloaded when you want to see a certain page, half of the amount of sites which are contacted are owned by Google. And you think when using Vivaldi they know nothing about you? Don’t make me laugh.
At least with Google you know they do it, they are honest about it. These other products tell you they don’t do that, but in the mean time it is done, one way or another.

I watch Netflix all the time in Vivaldi. Amazon (Prime) Video too. In fact I’m watching a Amazon video in another Vivaldi window as I post this. If I was the slightest bit interested I could watch broadcast TV as well. Firefox has no special sauce.

And Vivaldi is just as honest as Google about what they capture. I also run uBlock Origin.

I’m not particularly worried about the casual page load that in some way hits a part of Google. There are others here that seem to think this is the end of the world.


Chrome or Firefox; it depends what I’m doing, but most of the time I use Chrome. I do have QupZilla and Pale Moon installed on my computer more out of curiosity than actual need and laziness has kept me from removing them. As for privacy, meh; I assume that I’m open and visible to anyone that has enough desire, money, or technology to track my Internet journeys if they wish. Otherwise, I would be using TOR browser exclusively, not to stop the prying eyes, but more to making it a little harder. Tschüss - Mark