What are those new language packages?

since the latest update,i get a ‘Manjaro settings manager’ notification about available new language packages;
what is their purpose?why would i need them?


E.g.: firefox-i18n is the language pack for firefox.
Without this pack, you can´t read any drop down menu.

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but i can read those fine,and i don’t see it is installed in my language packs.

what i mean is that all these packs i mentioned above,are not installed in my system,just newly suggested as available;
but until now everything worked fine for me without them.

I recall using hyphen to well… hyphen text for example inkscape textboxes, and hunspell to activate spell checker in libre office.

For firefox seems also for enabling spellcheck.


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maybe all those packs,are updates for packs i already have installed but don’t show as explicitly installed in my language packages ?

If updates are available, then the new version of the language pack is installed - like updates for the system.

that means that these a newly suggested language packs that i don’t have installed.
i think I’ll just uncheck them since I’ve done fine without them until now.